Monday, April 19, 2010

XOXO Gossip Girl Fashion

So during my last flight I decided to while a way my time by watching the in flight entertainment. Thankfully one episode of my new favorite comedy “the big bang theory” was on so I could giggle away in my seat, however once finished I figured “hey I’m on a 2 hour flight lets see what this Gossip Girl thing is”. So by the end of the flight (since there was only 1 episode to watch, the pilot thankfully) I was hooked into the fashion of this show. Story wise ok (the more I watch the more I like) but it’s the fashion and hair that I’m addicted to at the moment; especially that of one character, Blair.

For those of you who aren’t watching this show Blair isn’t the main the character but I must say when she’s on the screen all the other girls pale in comparison. There is something about her prep school / vintage inspired look that has just grabbed me. Maybe it’s also the fact that like me she’s a brunette and all of us non blonde girls must stick together. LOL And with that stunning mane of chocolate and cinnamon brown, often with luscious curls it didn’t take long for her to become my favorite.

So what does a modern ‘90210’ (yep showing my age there) have to do with my love of vintage fashion and lingerie you might well ask. Well after a few episodes it was clear to see that the costume department has taken cues not only from fantastic modern pieces but have also included some vintage glamour. This little navy sailor inspired dress above was a perfect example. Add the right hat and a pair of white gloves (and a slightly longer hem line) and you’d be forgiven in thinking this was vintage. Plus her combination of demure and racy outfits show that there is so much you can do with dare I say it, modern vintage.

It has really inspired to start looking again in more conventional stores to find a few key pieces that can be transformed into my “good girl gone bad style” and also reminds us that even the bad girls can still do park avenue princess.

Sage Slip from Dollhouse Bettie

What I did find amazing was in one of the episodes (1st series) when Blair ends up at a Burlesque club, then undresses to her green slip not that far away from this sage slip from Dollhouse Bettie which I recently featured. Plus the added wow factor a modern gal who seems to always wear stocking and suspenders…a girl truly after my own heart. With this all in mind it wasn’t that long till I came across an amazing couple of finds….a grey knit dress and a divine black fitted jacket that just screams OWN ME!!!!!!! Watch this space as yes they both did somehow find their way into my wardrobe.

And my last word of Blair and gossip girl… if you fancy a visual feast and don’t mind curling up on the couch in pj’s with a hot chocolate for some girl tv, rent out the series. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

XOXO Tiki Doll


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