Friday, April 23, 2010

Ahoy Captain

I recently saw this stunning navy sailor inspired dress on Gossip Girl and decided I had to find it, and yes figure out how to get it to Melbourne. So after much hunting I found my way to an old favorite site called Bettie Page clothing, and as luck would have it not only did I find my dress I also discovered that it was made in flare and pencil skirt versions.

Captain Navy Pencil

Yes seeing Blair Waldorf in this stunning dress did mean I had to get one, and now that I have the super cute Navy peep toes heels what better reason can you think of. This super cute navy dress is made from navy stretch Bengaline (why does that fabric have to keep haunting me – I worked in a fashion store where 90% of our suits were made from bengaline) is double breasted and has a white satin trimmed ruffle sailor collar. Plus you can also get the handbag to match!!!! All I can say is please sent it to me now.

Captain Navy Flare

And then I came across this gem. So now the decision is do I go pencil or flare, or as Kendiedoll would say BOTH! This one is also made from navy stretch Bengaline and is double breasted and has a white satin trimmed ruffle sailor collar. So now its all about decisions…because lets face it I can find a reason and place to wear both and like I said now with my navy heels there isn’t really a reason not to. Or not at least one that jumps quickly to mind at the moment. What do you think??????


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