Thursday, June 30, 2011

Behind the scenes

Ok so this isn't my normal sort of post but its that time of year again, the Melbourne Motor Show and I'm here at very busy night before it opens. Ok they are modern cars but they are still gorgeous to look at.

What you may not know is before any big exhibition ends up all shiny and pretty for you to walk around it all gets delivered in boxes like this. So it was time to put on my stunning High-Vis vest, roll up my sleeves and help the team at Whole Bean.

So after many hours of lift, moving and getting our section all sorted, it was time to enjoy the cars before the crowds came. However I figured you might all like a sneak peak.

See told you there were still some classics for this rockabilly gal!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt30

30. A song I'd like to play at my wedding
Alien Like You by The Pigott Brothers

To end my musical journey I thought I'd finish with the song I'd like to play at my wedding. Sure I could pick a classical piece to walk down the aisle to however that wouldn't really be me. In fact the song I would like to hear playing for my first dance with my husband too is one I discovered by accident while watching a tv show called Being Erica. After some digging (thanks Kendiedoll for the shovel LOL) it turns out the the person playing Kai is Sebastian Pigott actually sang this song with his brother when they auditioned for Canadian Idol - not my usual hunting ground for music. These guys are amazing and yes I grabbed the song from itunes and play it alot. So you may be wondering why this song. Simply because it speaks to me about the connection you can find with someone. The connection that creates a spark and love can blossom from. So please sit back, listen and try and imagine me and my future husband (whoever he is) dancing to this surrounded by our friends and family.
Good night and God Bless

Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt29

29. A song with the most play in my itunes
Hide and Seek performed by Imogen Heap

Honestly I'm not sure what I like about this song, but regardless I play it alot. So much so its number #1 in my itunes, its on my iphone and all 3 of my various ipod's (yes I have 3 LOL) So have a listen and see if you like it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt28

28. A song from the last CD I bought
Hero by Regina Spektor

Yep I still by CD's, its not all itunes for me. The last CD I bought was the soundtrack to 500 days of summer, a great movie if you haven't seen it. Just be warned its not your average love story. Personally I don't find it a big surprise that I've picked this song from the album as I already love and own a lot of Regina's music. Yet for some reason this one haunts me more than most, a rare treat of her work and I great introduction if you have never listened to her before.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt27

27. A Song by an artist I didn't know I liked
The Rain performed by

Thankfully I listen to an Australian 'youth' radio station called Triple J who broadcast an amazing depth of music from around the world; and best of all a lot of great Australian artist are played as well. If you've read my blog I always comment on the Hottest 100 which is an annual of listener voted songs from 100 to 1 of their favourite songs released in the previous year. Anyway enough of them and to the song. I've picked the rain performed by Horrowshow as it speaks to me when I'm feeling down.

Monday, June 20, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt26

30. A song from a movie
Falling Slowly performed by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

This is from one of my favourite movies, Once. Its a great little story about love, music and finding yourself. You may have to hunt around for it but well worth the search. If you like this piece of music then I suggest you hunt out the group the Swell Season as the lead male vocalist is from this band.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt25

25. A song that always makes me cry
Tell her you saw me performed by Pat Metheny

I don't know why but this song always makes me cry, I've been listening to it for over 20 years and it still has the same reaction. There isn't much more to say than that, enjoy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt24

24. A favourite song from last year
ABC News Theme Remix performed by Pendulum

This was my favourite song from last year as my best buddie and dance to it everytime we went out. Plus it reminds me of my first job working for the ABC.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt23

23. A song with no music
Paranoid Android performed by Tripod

I'm not sure if this is exactly what this is meant to be, so I have picked a song which was originally performed by Radiohead and now redone by tripod. I love this version as its very true to the original and yet has its own distinct sound. Enjoy

Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt22

22. A song for a funeral
Four Rusted Horses performed by Marilyn Manson

An odd choice I know but for some reason it speaks to me LOL

Friday, June 10, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt21

21. A song for when I'm feeling sad
Forever Blue performed by Chris Isaak

Well Chris Issak had to end up in this list at some point. This song was one of the first of his I ever heard and to this day it still moves me. There is just something about his voice and lyrics that always move me. And yes to this day if he turned up on my door step with a red rose, a plane ticket and said "run away with me" I would. Oh Chris, ok so I'm of to daydream about my rockabilly heartthrob.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt20

20. A song when I'm happy
Voodoo people performed by The Prodigy

This is one from my youth, its a great song when I'm in a good mood and really gets my energy up. It makes me smile, dance and gets me ready to take on the world. So turn it up and dance!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt19

19. Song from my favourite Album
Sing performed by Dresden Dolls

Of course the Dresden dolls had to make an apparence and this is one my favourite songs of theirs for ages. Not to mention I love this clip.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt18

18. A song I used to like but now don't
Barbra Streisand performed by Duck Sauce

Its no surprise that this one has dropped off my like list. No, not because of the Glee factor but simply because it was played so often in my house and with my mates its now to much. I warn you only listen once. LOL

Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt17

17. A song no one would expect me to like
More Human Than Human performed by White Zombie

Yep its a curve ball, but for some reason I do like this song. When most people find out I have a few White Zombie CD's I get very strange looks, but hey everyone has a strange CD in their collection and this is mine

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