Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Curl up and dye - just cause I could

I adore lingerie and fashion, and yes there is a part of me that would adore being a model. Not your “I haven’t eaten since I was 10” type of model, more your alternative style. So with this in mind I figured it was time to add a bit more va va voom in my style, and off to the hair dressers I went.

Normally I’m an at home DIY hair dye gal, and the odd trip to my hairdresser (I’m very picky about who I go to). But this time I threw caution to the wind and trusted I would find some one who might be able to inject some Dita Von Teese/Bridget Bardot/good girl gone bad style into my cut. I blame the Traci Lords tee for all this ;)

And yes I was very lucky; thanks to Sovanna from GP salon in Chadstone I found just what I was looking for. Sovanna vamped up my color (back to my normal deep red – I’ve been a brunette for far too long), added some layers and then some curls. Now my hair has trouble holding a curl unless it has been set over night with A LOT of product, so there was much joy when I walked out of the salon with bouncing curls. Questions remains can I now reproduce this…we will have to see.

So with hairspray, hot curling tongs and pin curl clips in hand it was time to try…… as you can see above lol.

So here I am curlers in hair and crossing fingers it will work…..

2 hours later – with make up done and outfit sorted it was time to take out the curlers for the moment of truth…..Not the same, but not bad at all if I do say so myself, and with a hefty dose of hairspray to keep that hard won curl it was time to hit the town again.


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