Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love - Adventures in Toyland

I have been hunting for a new scent; something that is wearable everyday and has a nice playful touch to it. Normally my perfume collection consists of classic’s that have a modern twist. Currently I wear ……

Chance by Chanel, Lau de Issey by Issey Miyake, Cool Water Eau De by Davidoff and Agent Provocature by Agent Provocature. All amazing scents but I felt like it was time for a change, something a little younger that reminds you of your youth. I also love the scents that Sohum make which include buttercake and pink frangipani, but I digress.

So off to the perfume counter I went. I admit I am a sucker for a nice bottle to grab my attention before I smell or even read the label. Of course the staples like romance by Ralph Lauren were an option, and in the pretty bottle stakes there was Vera Wang Princess and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely or maybe Covet. In the back of my mind I really did know what I was after, but I wanted to be sure hence the testing of lost of options.

Finally I made my way to the ‘new’ perfume section, filled with pop stars and new clothing lines designer fragrances. Normally I wouldn’t go here but there was one little bottle calling to me (well one of five). It was the collection released a few years ago by Gwen Stafani called Haijuku Lovers and in particular the scent called Love. So spraying and smelling ensured and after much discussion my little doll came home. There is just something right about this scent and the bottle raised the stakes. Plus as there is a new limited collection out at the moment they are doing free gifts. I ended up getting these super cute mobile phone/key ring charms and some ‘scratch and sniff’ stickers. And yes I am a sucker for the phrase “free gift with purchase” hence my rather large collection of tote bags.

All in all a very successful perfume trip; and a big thanks to Kendiedoll who was dragged around countless perfume counters to help decided with me even if it was a forgone conclusion.


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