Friday, April 2, 2010

this is your final boarding call

Ok so I’ve been up since… well lets just say it was too dark to be considered morning by my books. After quiet a few coffees and a very big Danish pastry (right now I can sense my gym buddies rolling their eyes) it was time to board the flight up to the GC.

Back in the old days I would have been super stressed about getting on these early flights, booking cabs, making sure you there in time and hoping the line isn’t to full and don't even get me started on getting through security, just once I’d like to be able to go through without having to take off my shoes/belt and bracelets. Thankfully now with the wonders of modern technology (this statement only applies when it works) I have already checked in complete with boarding pass 2 days earlier from the comfort of my desk and at a reasonable hour for both of my flights. And to add an extra smile to my face I also had picked my own seat, and checked in with my hire car so all they had to do was throw me the keys so I could make my breakfast meeting with no stress – thank goodness for Sat Nav’s and helping me not get lost.

However modern technology can not solve a fashion crisis…yet at least. Now I’m one of those people who like’s to dress to travel. I don’t mean tracksuit pants, hoodie and ugg boots; I mean a nice outfit with heels and when possible gloves but you do tend to get strange looks these days when you do this. I now I’ve gone about this before but why do people feel that it is ok to look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards just because your getting on a flight. I can hear you all screaming about those long haul flights, and I agree 26 hours in heels is not the best way to be in a flying tin can…yet why not have a spare outfit for the end so when you hop off the plane your fresh, fashionable and down right fantastic?

So with this in mind I made sure I put extra effort into my getting ready today, plus going from the airport to a breakfast thing first up ensured I was all organised. The only snag in this plan was the fact that the temperature in Melbourne at 4am is a tad bit different that QLD at 8am.


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