Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Treats in the city

As I’m back in my home town this weekend I thought it only fit that I should make the effort to catch up with one of my favorite lovely local ladies, Ms Firedoll. So with a spring in my step and a scarf packed in my bag it was time to head off into the city and have girl time. Of course this does mean eating vast amounts of sweet treats and yummy hot chocolates, but I guess I just had to force myself to do so.

So after a yummy brunch and a good shop around Melbourne it was time to hit the cupcake bakery. The only thing to decided was how many and what flavour.

So I went with the double chocolate and a vanilla milkshake on the side, but only a normal size. Although the temptation to get one of the massive size ones was there both Ms Firedoll and I went for the normal, but yes I did get 4 more to take home. Plus it was a great excuse to wear my new Kitten D'Amour London to Paris sailor dress, with an extra layer of sweetness with my white tulle petticoat.

So big, so yummy, so want apparently will feed 20 people. Anyone want to be their hands up to try and eat this with me?

Ms Firedoll and her lemon Meringue cupcake, a delicious light treat if there was one.


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