Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Dreams Princess

Every so often it is good to update your bedroom and make it a sanctuary that we often need to escape to. I once was given a list of ways to make your bedroom a retreat and place of romance. They compared the average bedroom to a hotel and why you so often feel more relaxed and/or amorous when staying in one. Their main points were the lack of clutter, high quality bedding and clear sense of what the room was for. These days so many of us have a pile of books by the bed, clothing around, TV’s or laptops and all our personal life around the place. The main key to sleep is to remove everything that can distract you. Not to mention the fact that may current room is a mix of furniture I’ve collected or inherited, so I thought it was finally time to create the space I’ve always dreamed of to add my beauty sleep

So with that it mind I have been thinking about what in hotels rooms make me feel so light and rested, and no its not the tiny soaps although they are nice. For me it’s the clean lines, minimal furniture and lack of distractions. Next I started thinking about what I keep saying I want, but haven’t actually got up and found yet. Obviously the first thing is a comfy bed, and in saying that I have very specific wants when it comes to my bed. I like high off the ground beds, not a fan of the base and mattress set, next comes firmness of the mattress and I like to be able to sit upright in bed to read so a high back is a most. Hence the picture above.
Another thing I have gone on about for many years is having a place to do my make up. No longer balancing a mirror on my small side table or trying to do it in my small bathroom. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a proper dressing table so now to pick which one. One I can sit at but still need a chest of drawers or one that is both but means standing to do my make up?

I also found this super cute day bed, it only it was bigger than a single I would of jumped on it. It has also taken me ages to settle on a color scheme, I eventually caved and went white as a) I’ve never had a white bedroom b) I can change its feel by changing sheets and throws and it seemed to look the best for my budget. Fingers crossed as I go hunting for pieces this weekend I find some bargains.


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