Thursday, June 28, 2012

Game Masters

Melbourne gamers its time to rejoice, maybe rage but most of all embrace our love of gaming at  Game Masters.  If your not sure what I'm talking about its the new exhibition at ACMI at Federation square in Melbourne running from June 28th till October 28th 2012

And for only $22 Full, Concession $17.50
ACMI Members $16 or Child (4-15 years) $11 you can get your hands on
125+ playable games across arcades, consoles, PC and mobile platforms.  

Its a chance to relive your gamer past as well as test your skills with others or at least get a CRT tan in different surroundings.  The last time I went to an exhibition like this it was great to see people share their favorite memories of games past.  Even cuter to hear dad's say things like "this was the first console I ever had" and seeing their kids look so shocked.  Pretty sure I'm going to have the same experience if I ever have kids LOL

Anyway I do suggest you come and check it out, you never know you might just see me, Tedi and the crew there.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

off the bookshelf

Another great joy of mine in winter is curling up on the couch or in bed with a good book, and I'm currently re-reading Just try it on by Susan Redstone.  I first picked this book up a few years ago in a $2 book bin and I've never looked back since.  

Only down side is its written for the US so the month-by-month shopping is a little out for australia but the fundamentals are the same.  Redstone gives great tips on selecting pieces to cultivate one's personal style and some of my favorite chapters are on how to:
Assemble your must-have Fashion Emergency Kit
Get shoe smart--the most important times of the year to buy!
Be the best-dressed wedding guest
Snag the swimwear that makes you smile
Overall, a fun read if you are into organizing your closet each season and love shopping for the latest and greatest.  I did love the comments on cutting out the size tags because clothing is all about fit not just the numbers companies put on tags.

So if you can get your hands on a copy I suggest you do so and have a little read, you'll never know what great advice you can find.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

put the kettle on please

Right now I'm freezing my little socks of here in Melbourne so I figured it was a great time to share some of my love of tea with you as its the perfect drink to keep you warm. Not to mention with so many great herbals teas out there you can find the right one to warm your spirits as well as your body.

Personally I'm a fan of the tea's made by T2 but its all a matter of personal choice and preference.  
T2 3 Stack Orange

I am really enjoying drinking the 'orange stack' from T2 which includes refresh, sleep tight and relax tea.  3 things which I really need to do this time of year.  I just adore the sleep tight as its full of Lemonbalm, jasmine flower, lavender and rose petals.  How cool is that ROSE PETALS!!!

My fav ways of brewing are Loose leaf in a teapot and using a tea ball.  For those of you unsure what I'm talking about when I say teaball its a ball often made from aluminim or stainless steel mesh that the tea leaves sit in inside your cup or teapot.  They can be purchased from all good tea stores or your local supermarket.  The trick with these items is to make your your leaves still have room to circulate inside the ball to ensure you get the flavor from your leaves.  

So if you need a quick winter warm up go put that kettle on and start brewing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Talk about the Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco 

I have adored benefit makeup for as long as I can remember.   Of course the first thing that drew me to this brand was the packaging, lame I know but I was surprised once I started playing with the products was how wonderful they worked and looked on my skin.  


The first thing I fell for many years ago was the Bathina body balm with sparkle.  Its such as light body balm that you apply with the lovely little hand puff.  From there I tired and loved the High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer as its so light and even from under your foundation and powder you look like your glowing.  I've actually had a lot a great comments about my complexion while wearing it, which means a lot to me as I suffer from rosacea. 
rare beauty

I'm not often a person who buys products because of a movie but this latest pack from Benefit to coincide with the launch of the movie "snow white and the huntsman" may end up in my beauty stockpile.  I just love the beauty bag it all comes in not to mention the bag contains some of the best products that every gal should have from Benefit. 
Set includes:
    •    the POREfessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores
    •    BADgal lash mascara
    •    benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
    •    high beam luminescent complexion enhancer
    •    step-by-step lesson

Now to head into my latest Benefit store to pick this one up.

Monday, June 11, 2012

For the princess in all of us

Every time I start a new job or get moved to a new location I treat myself to a new perfume.  Its partly a treat and partly to bring some joy to my day, and it also reminds me of chapters in my life.  

As I am about to move store locations again my latest addition to my perfume collection is Vera Wang's Princess.  But why this perfume you may be asking?  

Firstly Princess is one of my nicknames just made it one I had to try and secondly I adore the feminine fruity/floral scent. And of course the third reason that attracts me to try most of the perfumes I own the ultra cute heart-shaped bottle which has a little ring under the cap.  I also managed to pick up the box collection at my local Chemist warehouse at a great price of $49.99 which also included a mini bottle, body wash and moisturizer.  So overall a great deal.  

So keep your eyes open for this little princess

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gotta Love a Bargin

Not that a gal like me really needs a reason to walk into a Kate Hill store but the word sale does tend to make you look a little more closely at the options in front of you. 

Now I don't go crazy and buy wallets everyday in fact unless I'm given them as a gift I usually will only buy one when my current one is on its last legs.  In fact that what was happening today as my last Kate Hill Wallet that I purchased in Nov 2010 as a gift to myself has finally given up it was time to go shopping.  

During a time when shopping is done on a budget I have been trying to figure out what items give you the best value, hence I use my CPW theory or Cost Per Wear.  My last Kate Hill wallet (nov2010) which is my daily use wallet I purchased for $49.99 which means its CPW was less than 10cents a day.  Not bad when you think about it.  Ok enough of the math now onto the pretties.

First up to come home was the Emilia Jacquard Compartment Tote.  As the end of season sale is on it was $69.99  but I picked it up for $39.99.  Its a great every day bag but it will probably me used as a mainly 'brunch with the gals' bag or a relaxed day bag.  I picked up the Tote version in stone which is great as it comprises of multiple compartments including two sections which close with a magnetic snap.  The inside the bag is lined with luxurious Kate Hill satin lining and features a side zip pocket and a a slip pocket for mobile phone and PDA.  Plus it even features a handy front pocket secured with a Kate Hill functioning lock.

Now for the main reason I went shopping....the daily wallet.  
So I picked up the Chelsea Slim Clutch Wallet which was $49.99 and now is $29.99.  Its a two-toned slim clutch which features the signature Kate Hill script logo and bow and love heart charms.
Inside is fully lined with luxurious leather and features: 1 note section,12 credit card slots, 3 slip pockets, 1 window card and an external front zip pocket.  The press stud closure ensures your money and cards are secured

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thinking beyond the flat pack

Alright some of you out there might cringe at the thought of shopping at big brand Ikea. Personally I like putting all the stuff together and also looking at what you can do with a blank canvas.  Thanks to a friend of mine I have found out that I'm not the only person who doesn't just accept what the instructions say.  This website is called Ikea Hackers; so if you ever thought there was more to be made from your purchase you will love seeing what others have come up with.  So with that said I thought I would show you a couple of great ideas.

Materials: Ikea Lack, LED
Description: Take a LACK side table (only the table without the legs), remove the insides. Make a drawing to decide where to place the LED holes in the table top. Place the strips of LEDs on all four sides of the table and connect to the transformer.

Or how about this

Materials: lampshade (for example, Ikea JÄRA diameter 34cm), craft petals (I needed for my lampshade 300-400 pieces), hot glue and hot glue gun, scissors

Description: I found craft petals really yummy, so I started to wonder what could I do with those. A Lampshade! This project is super easy and fast. Suitable also for beginners. 

ok just one more

Floating tables by Bart, Netherlands

Materials: Lack table

Description: Saw the legs of the table on the desired length. Glue the legs on the underside of the table, off course it is best to glue the side with the biggest area. Note that there is a tradeoff between stability and appearance of floating. I have chosen to position the rear legs as far as possible to the rear but a little of the side. The front legs are mounted approximately 10 cm of the two sides.

so go and check out some of the inspiration

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hell Bunny @ Beserk

I think I've told you about Bersek a great Brisbane based store before but as they have just added some great new items from the designer Hell Bunny.  If your wondering who Beserk are well they're an Australian based Online Store that has been operating in the Alternative Scene for the past 10 years. 

They currently stock brands from around the world including :: Beserk Clothing . Demonia . Tripp NYC . Lip Service . Hell Bunny . Kreepsville 666 . Sin in Linen . Pleaser. Iron Fist . Bordello . Manic Panic . TUK . Sourpuss . Folter . Poizen Industries . Cupcake Cult . RQ-BL [Red Queen's Black Legion] . Too Fast Apparel . Lux De Ville . Leg Avenue . Sugarpill . Lime Crime . Music Legs . Pin Up Couture . Jessica Louise . Kitsch Kaos . Accoutrements . Liquorbrand . Sin in Linen . So So Happy . Six Bunnies . Hollywood Mirror . Avelina De Moray . Rock Rebel . Tentacle Threads . Sin in Linen . Sullen . Rollerbones . Akumu Ink . New Breed . Switchblade Stiletto . Rock Steady Clothing . H&R London . Chic Star . Contact Lenses . Corsets 

And now for my fav winter picks...... 

Sarah Jane Coat 
Gorgeous Red hooded coat with Black trimming made from polyester & wool mix fabric so it is super warm!

Fully lined with a quilted satin effect polyester, with a double breasted front with button fastenings and a thick black faux fur collar, cuffs & hems and a super cute detachable hood with matching fur trim & drawstings & pom-poms. It has two waist pockets with bow details and a fully adjustable corset lacing on the back.

Myrtel Skir

Red taffeta skirt with flocking in a Victorian wallpaper style.

Channels in the front and back of the skirt with ribbons which can be pulled to gather the skirt.

V-shaped inserts on the front with ribbon detail.

Underlayer in self fabric which shows below the top layers.

Both layers have 2 ruffles on the edge in self fabric.

Corset style detail in the centre back with bronze coloured D rings and black satin lacing.

Zip in side seam.


B-Movie 50'S Dress

Printed 50's style dress with B-movie posters in black, red, green, yellow and white. Seams come over the bust for shaping & there is a full circle skirt. Black cotton halterneck strap which can be adjusted by tying at the back to fit wearer. Waistband and collar detail on front bodice in black cotton. 3 black cotton covered buttons on centre front of bodice. Collar detail on back & zip in centre back seam.

So now to figure out which ones to order.....jump online to see even more fantastic items

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tom Dickens a musical angel

Music means so much to me, and its no secret that I love artists that play from the heart.  If your music has a story to tell then let me hear it and especially if your an independent artist let me share in your passion.  This probably all stems from growing up around struggling musicians and artists but I believe we are all here to support the arts in all its forms.  

Thanks to the many independent artist I listen to and attend performances of I have been introduced to so many more amazing talents out there.  It was just over a year ago that one such artist introduced me to The Jane Austen Argument whom I adore.  Which of course has lead me to listen to the works of Tom Dickens on his solo projects.  

Tom Dickens describes himself on his website as "an independent musician, singer, songwriter, performer and director based in Melbourne. I am a solo artist, and also a founding member of The Jane Austen Argument"  Personally I see him as a musical angel who's music cuts you to the core then holds you while you give over to emotion.  Its hard for me to choose a favourite of his songs but if push came to shove I would have to say "the Unchartered" is my pick. There is just something on about this piece that draws me in and wants to fall asleep to it only in the hope that I dream of a world where everything is possible.

Which brings me to another ask of you all dear readers.  

As Tom says "it is such a exciting time to be a musician right now.  The rules have changed.  The relationship between the artist and the audience is just so much closer than it ever has been before" which means you can now really show your support.  Put your money and support right behind the artist; cement the connection that says "I love what you do and what you create".  So please watch the vid link below and pledge what you can to help this amazing melbourne dream creator make his dream come true.

Also if you want to hear this music in the flesh come join me and others at the Balaclava Hotel, Melbourne this friday night (june 8th) and cheer on this brilliant artist and his sings his songs for us.  You will be really glad you braved the cold melbourne weather to hear him.  Much love to you Mr Dickens from this little tikidoll

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Geek Goddess Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite otherwise known as Kaylee from Firefly one of my fav sci-fi series is today's pick for Geek Goddess.

My main reason for adoring Jewel is her amazing combination of beautiful eyes, stunning cheek bones and a smile that lights up a room.  There is just something about Jewel that makes you unable to take your eyes off her when she's on screen.  She also has the ability to make a pair of overalls sexy; not skill many gals have.

So here's to you Ms Jewell, my Geek Goddess of the week   

Friday, June 1, 2012

Supanova 2012

 Ok so its taken me ages to put up even some of the Supanova photos but here are a couple.  I also found a great clip which shows you even more of the ultra cool people that attended this event around the nation.

My main two highlights were .......

 Meeting Richard Horvitz, getting autographs and of course posing for this photo.  In case your wondering we had just yelled "I AM ZIM" at the camera before they snapped the pic hence the expressions. I still laugh at that everytime I look at the pic.

And Second......

Meeting and getting a hug from Will Wheaton.  Some of you may know him from The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon's nemesis, but I grew up watching Will on Star Trek TNG and then he popped up on my fav web show the Guild as Fox.  So to get this close and get a hug was AWESOME.  

If you saw me after each of these meeting I was like a little kid,  and speaking of being a little kid I even saw ELMO at the event.

Now you may be also wondering who on earth I was dressed as well......I went as GAZ from Invader Zim which made meeting Richard even more special as his first words to me "Wow its Gaz".  However I wasn't the best dressed person there, the hardcore Cosplay fans were amazing.  Check out the vid below to see what I mean.  

 Live Long and Prosper, May the Force be with you and may you all enjoy a bit of Cosplay now and then.

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