Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm ready for my close up

Now I spend a large amount of time doing my make up and hair, so it is really nice to be spoilt and have someone do it for me. There are always times when having a professional do the work is worth the extra coin. So while I’ve been getting ready for modeling shots and practicing what styles we were going to do I thought about al the other times I’ve had it done.

You always have the choice of hiring a makeup artist that comes to you or going to them, or even popping instore to cosmetic retailer. Feel free to ask questions about, price and what you get for your money. Some counters in stores charge a fee that is redeemable on product which means you can walk away with your lippie and powder ready for touch ups.

If you have a particular make up brand you like go and talk to them, tell them what you already have and they may be able to use what you already have in a new way. It is also good to go and visit your make up counter every six months or so to see what new styles are in and to see if you should change any product. Personally I seem to change my foundation yearly as my skin changes. I stand by the golden rule ïf you don’t ask you don’t get” so getting asking.
Tips for choosing a good make up artist:
Be honest, if you don’t like it tell them
Tell them if you have any skin or allergies, as you want to look your best not have a reaction
Take images with you for the look your after
Ask what style of make up they have trained in, bridal, photography, glamour
Try and bring samples of your outfit colors because they may be able to suggest eyeshow that compliment or enhance your outfit.
Ask if you can either bring you own lippie or buy one as you may want to touch up as the night goes on
Remember they are artist not miracle works, and as much as we’d all love them to take of ten years it is only make up and they do the best they can.


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