Monday, May 31, 2010

Art in the home

Ok so I’m still packing but my mind keeps wandering to how I am going to decorate the new place, as I will have so many blank walls and much more space. So yes the list of art projects is growing by the day including – creating a family tree using pictures on one wall, framing some of my growing collection of fabrics and papers, finding some more local artists work from Melbourne to display and maybe even have a bash at painting something myself.

As the style of the house is pretty much sorted (retro/vintage/rockabilly) its more about the personal touches now. Which in all honesty is what I’m really looking forward to, as this is the first place in 10 years I lived in where I can actually paint walls as I want, hang photos and general make my own mark.

So I will post pictures as soon as I get settled, and have a glass of champagne to celebrate. Wish me luck with the move.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

fabulous friday's

A few months ago I swapped my kitten heels and ballet flats in the world of retail to stilettos and the world of office work. Yes, I do love being able to chose my own outfits, no uniforms or ‘lastest looks’ here, plus I do work with a bunch of tradies who seem to live in work gear; but this is beside the point. What has really confused me working in a office is the concept of casual Fridays.
Personally I’m not one to rock on up to work in a pair of jeans and casual tee. I do understand casual and love Violet Le Beaux Sneaker Sunday which I will be participating in this Sunday, but I digress. Why am I anti casual Friday; Firstly its just not me, secondly it would change my mindset to DIY not work and thirdly I just don’t see what its such a wanted thing. I of course not one to take things lying down have started my own Friday dressing routine. FABULOUS FRIDAYS!
Lets take a leaf out of those Hollywood starlets and ladies of day’s gone by where you made an effort. Personally I like to glam it out on Fridays now at work. Great heels, false lashes for that bright eyed look, a dress that can take you from the office to cocktail hour and of course something with sparkles. If anything its about making that effort to feel extra special, and you would be surprised how much taller you walk, bigger your smile and how many positive comments you’ll get.

So why not join me in being Fabulous this Friday in what ever you do.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

In Memory

In the last few days I received some sad news about the passing of a man who I have always consider Uncle A, although not related by blood I have known him all my life. His wife knew my mother in high school, and since that time I have grown up alongside their children. When we all lived in the same state we spend a large portion of time in their houses. These two families have celebrated birthdays, weddings, graduations, births together and sadly death’s and loss as well together.

My fondest memory is being in their home to be babysat and falling asleep with my ‘cousin K’ top and tail in a bed holding onto each other ankles so our parents couldn’t separate us in the night. We share so much history and I have images of Uncle chopping wood in the backyard, getting us fish and chips and always pottering around near us.

So in his passing I ask all of you to please call, text, email, write and tell those you love in your life and even those family members you not so fond of that you do love them. Because the greatest gift we have is love. We don’t know whats ahead, we only have this moment so please go forth and spread the love in your life because you never know how much it can help someone.

To Auntie L, K, L, S&H&O please know we are all thinking of you and you are in our hearts. We thank you for sharing your lives with all of us and there will always be a cup of tea & Boston bun waiting for you in our kitchens.

Love Tiki and the dolls

Friday, May 28, 2010

Discovering your home town

I am always surprised when people say “I didn’t even know that was there” when regarding places/events in this fair city of mine, Melbourne. Personally I am of the belief that Melbourne will not come to you, you have to go to her. You need to make the effort to walk down the alleyways, to read the papers and see what’s on. And here in Melbourne there is always something going on. So in an effort to explore and share my home town I thought I’d tell you about some recent gems in my home town that made me get out of the house
Dachshund U.N may not be words you utter very often but as part of the new wave festival celebrating and showcasing new artist this is quiet normal. Perth-based artist Bennett Miller has been camping out in a rugged West- Melbourne warehouse for six weeks constructing his Next Wave Festival installation, Dachshund U.N. He’s building a timber model of a United Nations meeting room to dachshund-scale because in Bennett’s performance piece, the 47 delegates, speakers and interpreters of the UN Human Rights Committee are represented by live sausage dogs. Dachshund U.N. is the third Next Wave Festival project that has been partnered by Melbourne Museum and is also supported by the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts, Australia Council for the Arts and the Keir Foundation. Performances will be held from 2 – 3pm on 15, 22 and 29 May 2010. The sculpture will remain on site throughout the Festival.

And if that’s not your thing… about a bit of light in the darkness with the federation square “light in winter” festival. Here you will find everything from large-scale light installations, projections and torch-led tours to Indigenous storytelling and Sudanese hip-hop, The Light in Winter celebrates the warmth of our community and shared cultural experiences. And of course the biggest part, which is also may favorite celebration (yep out comes the pagan hippie in me)
Solstice Celebration

19 June, 5.00pm - 8.00pm in the Main Square and The Atrium, FREE
Join us as we celebrate the coming of the Winter Solstice - the longest night of the year and the moment at which the days start to lengthen towards Spring. Fifteen community groups will offer their gifts of light, enlightenment and hope to the people of Melbourne, with traditional food, installations, music, dance and stories. From whirling dervishes and Sudanese hip hop to apple tea and origami, the free festivities will bring a special glow to the city's heart.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moving like Martha Stewart

Right, so in a few days I’m moving into my new home. It’s been on the cards for awhile but somehow time has snuck up on me and now I’m packing like a crazy woman. In an effort to calm down I have enlisted the help of a few friends and the one woman I know has a plan for everything. Yep, you guessed it Martha Stewart.

I’ve always considered; or at least tried to be, the rockabilly Martha Stewart. Like Martha crafty, homemade but with my rockabilly style and without the prison sentence. So here are a few tips to help move according to Martha and me.

PLANNING – obliviously an essential step. Know where and when you are moving, when you get keys, how much you have and the size space your moving into. You need to stay organized so dedicate a ring binder to move-related paperwork, such as to-do lists, contracts, receipts, checklists, and phone numbers. Print an information sheet for the movers with the old and new addresses, directions, and your cell phone number.

LABELS - I’m also a big fan of printed labels, just because this way you do know what’s in the box and movers don’t have to keep asking you where you want things. For this move I have labels for the boxes (of course) and A4 room labels for the new house – hence the reduction of questions for people helping me.

COLOR CODE HELPS – if you don’t want to write up labels you can color code rooms. Simply assign a color to each room, and mark boxes and furniture (be mindful of delicate surfaces) with coordinating stickers to ensure the movers will know at a glance where everything should go.

MOVE/SELL/GIVE/DITCH – When packing up your home you can suddenly discover you have way more than you think. What seemed like a neat, tidy and small room suddenly is overflowing with bits and pieces. So be honest do you really need to take it with you? When was the last time you looked for/at or used the items? So divide into items your taking with you (MOVE), which ones you can SELL or GIVE away and which ones are rubbish. Remember by doing this you not only end up with less clutter, you may help someone else and the move will cost you less.

ASK - Ask friends for recommendations, and get quotes from three licensed moving companies. On-site estimates tend to be more accurate, whether pricing is by weight and distance or a flat or hourly rate. Decide if the movers or you will pack (regardless, you may want to wrap fragile or costly items yourself). Ask if the quote is binding or nonbinding, what charges could arise, and what insurance is included. If necessary, contact your insurance company for additional coverage. Request a copy of the signed contract.
DOCUMENT -Have items such as artwork and antiques appraised in case they get damaged. Photograph & upload the images to your computer, then save them to a CD. Be sure to store the CD it with your small valuables and give a copy to a trusted friends, just in case.

GATHER - Stock up on moving supplies, including boxes, tape (packing, masking), wrapping material (bubble, plastic, and tissue paper), and labels. Keep your eyes peeled for used boxes from places such as bookstores, which are built to carry compact but heavy loads, are excellent for most other items.

START – if you don’t start you’ll never finish, so box infrequently used items. Try to limit each box's weight to enable easy lifting. Fill large boxes with pillows and other light things, and reserve smaller boxes for your heavier possessions. Always reinforce the bottoms with packing tape. Secure fragile objects with cushioned packaging material and painters' tape, which releases easily. Pack electronics and small appliances in their original packaging or in snugly fitting boxes.

NOTIFY - Request that your utilities and phone and Internet service be disconnected the day after you leave and installed in your new home the day before you arrive. Arrange to have the locks in your new home changed on moving day, or earlier if convenient. To have your mail forwarded at the post office. Update newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and notify banks and credit card companies.

LAST OUT / FIRST IN - Pack your day-to-day necessities so that they're together in one place, including bedding, towels, toiletries, toilet paper, basic tools, cleaning supplies, medications, a camera (to document anything broken in transit), snacks, a few dishes and utensils, and a coffeepot -- plus coffee and mugs. Take the box with you in your car.

WRAP & PROTECT- When transporting anything with doors or drawers, such as bureaus, cabinets, or large appliances, wind a few layers of plastic wrap around the item to secure it. This eliminates the need for tape, which can damage delicate surfaces, and helps safeguard against scratches. Plastic wrap can also protect upholstered furniture against dirt. Make a masking-tape X across mirrors and framed artwork. While this technique won't prevent shattering, it will help absorb shock and hold the glass in the frame should the item be dropped. Pack objects in a tightly fitting box clearly marked "fragile" on all sides. Make sure the corners are well-padded, so the objects won't slide around.

Get to it, the sooner you start the sooner your in your new home

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Take me with you

Currently on my way to work its 7 degrees and might I say a wee bit chilly. So I went and invested in my new handy, have tea anywhere flask. I figure for $8 it was worth the investment as an average cup of coffee on the road is $4 I could forgo two of these in order to be able to have lots of tea hot and ready when needed. My groovy new flask is from Ikea which was also a perfect excuse to have a look round for the new house just in case I saw anything groovy.
With groovy new bargain flask in hand it was time for tea, and since a new T2 tea store has just opened up I figured I’d support local business and grab something. As like with any trip I walked away with more than planned (but the tea containers were a bargain and will now become storage containers in new bedroom), and my favorite hot or cold tea strawberries and cream. This is one of the best teas around because you can drink hot for a sweet pick me up or make a huge batch and chill in the fridge for a drink that is sweet like a cordial but you don’t actually need to add sugar. And since I have a sweet tooth its better to have this in my fridge rather than a fizzy drink.

How to describe this tea…..
An absolute dessert delight! A gorgeous blend of hibiscus petals and rosehips with apple, strawberries and brews a beautiful red infusion with a bright, sweet aroma. A velvety sweet sensation with a crisp, tart finish. Fruity and floral, this is a refreshing breeze on a summer's day.

So as I write this I’m sipping the hot version and have the cold chilling in the fridge…..mmmmmmm tea.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

little treats

Recently I jumped online looking for some super cute trinkets for presents for friends. Of course I went straight to Shana Logic, a great website for limited pieces made by indie artists.

So I thought I'd share a couple of cool finds

Geisha Girl Belt and Raccoon Pillow by mymimi

So jump on and have a look..

Monday, May 24, 2010

in pursit of beauty

After being given some vouchers (thanks boss) for the enodta day spa's in melbourne it got me thinking about the pursuit of beauty. Now I'm addicted to facials, manicures, pedicures and all round indulgence, but I've not been down the road of cosmetic surgery.

And after watching a doco on ABC called 'The ugly truth about beauty" it go me thinking. If you haven't seen it jump on ABC IView and have a look.

Lifestyle journalist Kate Spicer is 39, single and - like many women - not 100% happy with her appearance. She's always been sceptical about the beauty industry but now, as she approaches her forties, she's contemplating action. This film follows Kate as she immerses herself in the wide range of bizarre, radical and invasive procedures now on offer to normal women willing to undergo a gruelling quest for exquisite, youthful looks. Just how far is Kate willing to go? And will it be worth it?

With a personal interest in improving her looks and a beauty industry cynic's interest in exploring just how easy it is to be sucked into the world of cosmetic improvement, Kate wants to find out what's really involved in our quest to look beautiful. "I've got two motivations here," says Kate. "One is can I get to look better? Can I get to look hotter? But there is a more earnest desire - to try to be the guinea pig that illustrates just how ridiculously seductive that world is".

Researching the very latest procedures now available to all, Kate's journey takes her from wallet-busting nightingale-poo face masks and bull semen hair serum to the latest Fraxel laser technology and stem cell fat transfer procedure. Kate has always said she would like to grow old gracefully but as she starts road-testing the treatments on offer here and in the States, the former cynic appears seduced by the results they claim can be achieved and the instant effect the treatments are having on her looks and her confidence. But once seduced, will she know where to stop?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pass me my martini

Sometimes when you at home you need a bit of Hollywood glamour. Well the team at What Katie did have created a couple of pieces that fit that right down to the hem of your favorite nightie.

Their slip is based on an authentic pattern, and can be worn as both a fabulous nightgown or as a period-perfect underslip. We can all understand why you need a nightgown, but there are still some who don't understand the need for a slip. Not only does a slip produce a super-smooth dress line and keep you warm during cooler nights, but it also helps avoid the static cling that nylon stockings can be famous for.

So what elese.....well they also have these rather saucy knickers are the perfect thing to wear underneath your Hollywood gown! Made from a single layer of sheer powermesh around the back and sides, they feature a flattering curved tummy panel made from matching midnight black satin, finished with a cream lace trim.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Media Launch

I was invited to a media launch for a company that I work my 9 – 5 job with this week, which was a good chance to have a laugh with bosses and co-workers. Thankfully the are a pretty awesome bunch of people to work with who work very hard and play hard too so it was always going to be a good night.

There was a competition to see who was the best dressed office, which is funny as most of the staff (reps and tradies) wear uniforms so anything other than their black work pants and logoed work shirt was bound to be an improvement. So with that in mind I decided to make a bit of splash as I’m currently the only girl in my team. I was tempted to come in a victor/Victoria inspired outfit, but thought “embrace the only girl in your office” thinking and went for pinup. Ok so there wasn’t a huge amount of convincing especially as a little package for the USA recently arrived.

This meant I wore my darling black and electric blue accented full skirt dress from Pin up Couture. I’m so glad the postman delivered this is time; you’ve got to love a reason to break out a new frock.

Sadly I am waiting on photo's to come back so here is the catalogue shot from pinup couture of my dress. enjoy

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Amazing Ms Deville

We all know that I adore women who make this world just that bit better, hence my love of Amanda Palmer and Dita Von Teese. Well there is another amazing woman based in my home town of Melbourne that reminds me why I do what I do.
Her name is Candice Deville or to some Super Kawaii Mama. I first discovered Candice while looking for a good blog to read on vintage fashion and make up, however she has been writing since February 2008 as way to ‘share her unique sense of style and life perspective’ as Candice puts it. To find someone who not only writes about styles I love, but lives what she preaches it wasn’t long before I became and avid reader of her blog. And as Ms Firedoll can a test to I did turn into a bit of a star struck fan the first time I met her at Circa Nocturna in 2009.

With what can only be described as a passion for vintage fashion you can find so much more than images of pretty dresses on her site. What you will find is resources, inspiration, vlogs, and most of all a down to earth view on life with just the right amount of glamour. Apart from blogging Candice is a ‘multi-disciplinary artist specializing in style and vintage glamour’ in all aspects of life. Hence the night we met she had been modeling in Circa Nocturna.

And now a new website to help showcase her talents as model, teacher and all round ambassador for glamour. So if you need to book a vintage show stopping beauty jump online and give her a bell. And apparently Candice will now also be out in the world with ‘vintage hair and makeup artistry to workshops, hosting events, presenting, writing and iconic vintage modeling’
I have to agree that ‘Candice DeVille is the whole glamorous package’

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Circa - Imported Vintage Hats

Can anyone say AMAZING HATS!!!!!!!!!
Well that’s what I’m saying after being sent these photos of Circa - Imported Vintage Hats, and yes I do want one of every color and shape. How fantastic to see these pieces still around and so beautiful.

I was very lucky last Christmas when the hat fairy delivered by piece from this collection. A black silk wide bow hat with delicate black veil. I’m still learning just how to do my hair to make it right, but I’m willing to keep trying to wear these stunning creations.

Apart from the fact that many of these pieces are actually from 1950 which makes them extra special to me, you are just spoilt for choice. So many colors and design. I challenge anyone not to find one piece that they’d like.

Well now there is no reason to mutter the phrase I just can’t find anything for that wedding/raceday/Sunday best. Circa was founded by Jacinta Sanders, a lady who has an eye for stylish vintage fashion; and offers genuine vintage hats that are fully imported for your joy. Each piece has a story as many come from estates, or they are the long forgotten gems from New York’s 5th Avenue. So when you pick up one of her hats the mind does tend to wonder just exactly where its been. Maybe a red carpet event, a war bride’s wedding or simply some ones Sunday best.

But where will you find these delights you may be asking…online, on ebay and at various vintage fashion shows around the country.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amazing hats from Circa

My dear darling Kendiedoll has made me very jealous by attending the “the way we wear” vintage fair last weekend on the Gold Coast. Sadly due to Melbourne commitments I was unable to attend but I do thank her very much for these amazing photos of the event.

From the images it was clear to see why she went straight to Circa - Imported Vintage Hats and the fantastic Jacinta Saunders. During the trying on of stunning hats Kendiedoll put on a great red hat which matched her outfit and Jacinta kindly said - why don't you wear it to the wedding which Kendiedoll was attending in the church next to the fair. Needless to say Kendiedoll couldn't believe it and readily agreed. Then went to the wedding, the hat enhancing her outfit; and after Saturday I think Kendiedoll could happily start collecting these special hats. Jacinta also had these great little hats, that are easy to wear, absolutely finish off an outfit, many different colors and no two were the same.

Don’t these ladies look stunning in the Circa designs, ok so maybe some saving before June to buy some of these gems at the Melbourne fair.

Keep watching for more stunning designs from Circa once I upload the photos from kendidoll.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The way we wear vintage fashion fair

It’s almost June and that means the Williamstown “the way we wear vintage fair” is coming, and after missing it last week on the gold coast I will be making sure I get my self over to the other side of town for this.

The theme for this event is “And the Bride wore”. So what if your not getting married, come along anyway. You will find dealers from across the country selling fabulous period, vintage and retro clothing, accessories, textiles, jewellery and fashion collectibles. So dust off your Sunday best, pack a picnic and head over.

From Gold Coast Fair – Sat 15th May 2010

When – Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June 10am – 4pm
Where – Williamstown Town Hall, Ferguson Street
Cost – Adults $12 Children (10+) $6 and Family pass $30

So I hope to see you there.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cold weather = more tea

In this weather its nice to cuddle up on the lounge and have a good cup of tea. This weekend I figured I'd try something different. So off I went to my favorite tea store; T2.

Instead of heading for my normal tea's I decided to try a couple of floral and fruit teas. The tisanes are made from carefully chosen and cultivated ingredients, providing pleasure and goodness with every sip acccording to the lovely ladies at T2. Plus the added bonus is they are great after a meal, whether served hot or icy cold.

First off there was the light JUST ROSE which is really nice with honey

Described as:
A fragrant floral tisane widely consumed in China for all sorts of well-being issues. High in vitamin c, but most importantly it tastes and looks beautiful. A delicate and sweet florally treat that can be served hot, iced or as a garnish to most teas. Brilliant with honey and the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.

The Second was a fruit mix
A deliciously rich infusion with a deep red colour and an intense berry aroma. Juicy summer berries, including strawberry, blackberry and raspberry, with gorgeous petals produce a brew chock-full of berry flavour. A smooth, sweet nature with a tart, clean finish, this really is berry beautiful. Great for all-day drinking and versatile to suit most occasions. Great as a palate cleanser before or after dessert, and sensational iced in summer.

Both were wonderful and I know what I'll be drinking all week. So jump into your nearest store and grab a new flavor for your morning cuppa.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looko after your lingerie

Dollhouse Bettie
Now there is no reason to go and spend your hard earned money on nice, dare I say it stunning lingerie, to have it destroyed after washing. So I am going to offer a few tips for keeping your lingerie beautiful.

The first thing I would like you to remember is that this piece of clothing is the most important piece you’ll ever own simply because it will spend the most time close to your skin. So you want it to remind soft and silky as long as possible. Carefully washing, drying and maintaining your purchase will retain the integrity of the design and fabric.

Dollhouse Bettie
1. To keep these fantastic, silky fabrics the way they were when you first purchased them, use a detergent made for hand washing. And really hand washing, is a great idea. Using the delicate detergent, shampoo or hand soap works too. But be sure you dont ring the material, or use excessive squeezing. Gently allow the bras or lingerie to soak. Using a small plastic bin in the sink or tub usually works perfectly. If the bra is made of silk, lace or satin, exercise extra caution when rubbing so as not to pull the threads out

2. Make sure any clasps, hooks or buttons are fastened so they wont snag the material, or loosen at the seams.

3. If the idea of actually using your hands is daunting, most washing machines have a delicate cycle. Use a lingerie bag or washing bag for your bra and lingerie, so it won’t get caught or pulled during the cycle. Use the special detergent mentioned above, and set on the delicate cycle, on cold (not warm!).

4. Hang dry or dry flat, on a clothes horse, coat hanger or special drying rack. Dont ever dry in the dryer. Not only will the fabric possibly shrink, but it will sacrifice the life span of the bra or lingerie.

5. Store in a lingerie drawer, without other garments like jeans, belts or accessories that might have hooks, zippers or anything else that might snag the fabric of the bras or lingerie. I even know a couple of ladies who hand their bra’s in the closet’s not sure how this effects the life of the lingerie but they do say it makes them feel like they’re in a lingerie store when getting dressed. Sounds good to me.

6. Storing a scented sachet in your lingerie drawer is a nice touch, leaving the bra and lingerie with a pleasant smell. An inoffensive, natural choice is lavender. However make sure you don’t have an allergy to the scent just incase first.

I hope this gives your lingerie a longer more beautiful life.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TUK Shoes

A big thanks to Ms C for letting me take back these ultra amazing shoes from the photo shoot last week. They are TUK and oh so very cool. Thankfully during the shoot I was just standing still, so I will have time to practice walking around in them at home before I hit the streets.

They are a big flash back to my teenage/university years as a little gothic gal. Which now means I know have to figure out how to work these amazing shoes into my normal wardrobe, I’m sure I’ll manage.

The other ultra cool thing is that I have been wanting a pair of TUK’s for years but always had issues ordering shoes online, as the pairs I liked never seemed to be in stores. So now I have my gothic pride and joy to walk around in.

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