Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rugged Up

As the weather turns cold the thought for many to leave the warm confines of their house seems crazy but for me as long there is a big jacket and some warm gloves its time to head out into the night and see what the crisp night air brings. Why am I heading out in the low temperatures you may ask; simply in honor of my old pal Ms La dolce Vita coming to town for a conference and it was my duty as a local to show here some of our hidden treasures.

Now I admit I adore winter for so many reasons: Roasting fires, hot chocolate, winter jackets, gloves, scarfs, hats and even red wine seems to taste better. With that in mind it was time to head to transport at Federation square for drinks and then to Tony Starr’s Kitten Club for some yummy tapas.

You have to love the fact that the locals will still rather be outside and huddle around the heaters just as much as be in the clubs. We headed to the Kitten Club which is one of those great places you can only find if you know where you are going. So after a brisk walk it was time to go behind the green door, up a flight of stairs and enjoy. There was much removing of jackets and gloves and scarf’s to adjust to the warmth and then decisions about food. If you haven’t been to the club its worth a trip, and make sure you climb the second set of stairs and find the bar above if for reason to check out the velvet covered walls.

All in all another great night with the hidden secrets of Melbourne.


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