Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome Ms Jones

Another amazing find this last week is that of Sally Jones, a designer which seems to be based in Burleigh Heads of all places. These are gorgeous pieces that just make you want to slip on a pair of kitten heels and pad around your beautiful penthouse sipping champagne and breaking hearts. Or maybe that’s just me.

These divine works of feminine art first captured my eye while on my last morning of shopping indulgence. You know when you just can’t go past that window of pure beauty and just have to force yourself to spend a few minutes inside. Ok a few minutes more like an hour or so playing dress ups and touching every piece. It does make me wonder why Ms Jones is not down here in Melbourne, or at the very least not so clearly out on display with such finery for all to see.

These pieces have that old Hollywood glamour feel to them and yet when they are in your manicured little hands its still seems just right; even if you’re not Marilyn Monroe. With flattering cuts, sparking accents and lush fabrics they are VERY HARD to walk away from; but really why would you walk away from something so amazing. It’s been a long time since I have found an Australian label that has really caught my attention like this and been spot on for the style I’m looking for and yet here it is hiding in Queensland. It seems all good things at the moment are lurking up here waiting to pounce like tigers onto the fashion world.

Well I take my nightcap off to this house of design and look forward with baited breath for the next installment of heavenly creation.


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