Sunday, April 4, 2010

how cute

It’s that time of year again when a giant big rabbit sneaks into your garden to eat your carrots and hide chocolate eggs. However over the last few years two ideas have come into play in my world. 1) Swapping the bunny for the Australian Bilby and 2) do I really need all that chocolate?

This is a Bilby for those of you who don’t know. In Australia there has been a big push to replace the beloved bunny with a bilby to help save our native species. Even fruitless hot-cross buns are known as Bilby buns.

So in honor of saving waistlines and sugar coma’s I thought I’d offer some treats that are just as sweet from Eclectic Eccentricity

Eclectic Eccentricity is an amazing collection of vintage and contemporary jewellery by designer Lucy Averill. Here you’ll find divine necklaces, rings, brooches, bracelets and hair slides which are unique and vintage inspired. There are all sorts of pieces that seem to hold a story behind them, especially the pieces using lockets, globes and tiny love letters. You’ll find Lucy living in Norfolk, England, so its time to jump online and order one of these must have trinkets. They are perfect additions to any outfit of when you’re lazing around in your new slip from Dollhouse Bettie.

I uploaded a few of my favorites for you to have a look at.

A stitch in time is divine with this gem. It’s a miniature sterling silver sewing machine and it even opens to reveal a space storing wee little scissors and thread. Even its little wheel spins!

There is no hiding my addiction to tea or Alice in wonderland these days so this piece is a perfect compliment for any tea party with or without the Mad Hatter. Inspired by the sleepy little dormouse, a wee small Sterling Silver mouse nestles beside a miniature ceramic teapot.

Now I’m not usually a big fan of broaches but this one goes along way to changing my mind. This miniature wooden radio, accessorized with a single white rose and brass note is just right. I’d also love to try this pinned into a bow for a hair option.

Of course I also have a major weakness for pieces of jewellery which feature watches. I have more than my fair share of watch pendants, fob watches and nurse inspired upside down watches. So this little beauty caught my eye straight away. It is one of EE’s limited edition pieces - each piece in the range will be made in only very small numbers using extra special kooky trinkets and treasures. Inspired by the poem 'Who Bides His Time' by James Whitcomb Riley, this vintage style pocket watch is a great reminder to be mindful of those minutes!

So if these pieces have got you all inspired jump online and check out the rest of the collection, because there are so many more amazing pieces and Lucy is truly a spectacular designer.


Kendie said...

You must get that watch it is perfect

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