Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mikii is here but what to wear

It seems to be the way at the moment that people are travelling/working like me with only being in one place for 3 days. Just like my 24hour stint in QLD Mikii has hit Melbourne for 72 hours. Which brings about 3 questions; how much mischief can we get up to? Where are we going? And what do I wear? This last question brought about another thought…What is Mikii going to wear?

As ladies we are very spoilt by choice, however the guys not so much. Sure lots get reinvented each season but really the basics are limited. Pants – short or long, Shirt short/long/no sleeves, jacket, vest. So this got me thinking about the shopping trips we usually end up on. A couple of new years eve’s ago Mikii and I found this amazing store in the centre of Melbourne called Anton’s. With patterns that blow your mind and limited runs of items its no wonder we walked away with bags on our arms and less in our wallets. Mikii ended up finding 1950’s inspired pants with a very subtle silver pin strip, ivory brocade waistcoat and 1950’s tuxedo inspired shirt. All in all a good hall and from memory some white and black 1920’s shoes too.

So to any men who are reading this little blog watch this space as soon there will be stuff for you too.


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