Thursday, April 1, 2010

My life in mini

I seem to spend a large portion of my time in hotels at these days, not that I’m complaining, its just an odd feeling. I keep having these Alice in Wonderland moments as so many things in my life are currently miniatures. These days you can pop into any supermarket, Priceline or even gas station and find mini versions of your much needed travel items; but I do remember the days of decanting big bottles of shampoo into smaller bottles or justifying that you really do need to take the massive bottle of body lotion and praying that it won’t explode in your bag.

Ok so I’m also a sucker for this tiny bottles of delight, especially as I can also figure out exactly how much of each thing I need and you get to try different versions all the time to see what you like rather than buying a big bottle only to find it doesn’t have the right scent etc. Plus another bonus as I have a habit of forgetting what I pack (yes customs has taken away my nail clippers and my little pony scissors from my pencil case with me, I mean who has every heard of someone being threatened with cute pink scissors designed for the under 5’s), so these little gems are great as the meet the new carry-on luggage regulations.

I digress. At the moment I’m loving Dove Mini Deodorant and Mini Rexona Girl and Cotton fresh deodorant; these actually last quiet a while. So much so I keep a lynx one in my gym bad and a rexona one in my desk at work.

Now Shampoo’s as any girl will know is a very personal thing. So far I’ve tried Tresemme colored hair Shampoo and conditioner – really good, so far my favourite. I’ve also tried Sunsilk Super-shine Shampoo and conditioner – good but a little heavy for my hair. Next on the list to try (this trip) is VO5.

For all those fly I have Sunsilk strong hairspray or Treseme silk hairspray.

For hands and body I just can’t go past the Vaseline Intensive care lotion, great for the plane as it has Vitamins A, E and Elastin and thankfully this one is absorbed fast and not greasy so I can still pick up my glass of wine and not have it slip out of my little hands.

No more random shower gels or soaps for this gal, now I can sparkle with mini Lux luminous touch body wash or feel extra special princess the Dove cream oil body wash Cherry blossom and almond oil.

I even found this super cute pink lighter for my travel candles when I’m away, and I am keeping an eye out for some gems to stick on after I saw the great works by Violet and Cheeser.


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