Friday, April 30, 2010

I’ll have a half strength de café mocha latte – Nah just a coffee thanks

As the weather turns its no real surprise that I go in search of coffee, cake and tea. Plus having my best mate in town to hunt out the yummy treats was a bonus and ensured I found something new. We have a habit of wondering to see what is down alley ways and the phrase “lets just try here” gets used a fair bit.
So in our wondering we found ourselves in the theatre district looking for late night cake and hot chocolate, which brought us to this place. Now I don’t remember the name all I can say for sure is its an experience. Essentially, its just two counters. One facing a mirrored wall and the other the staff, but has a real vibe. Almost 1940’s New York dare I say it. There is no pretention here, just good honest food.

So we ordered and enjoyed. It reminds me of why I love this city, as you never know what gem’s your going to find.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love - Adventures in Toyland

I have been hunting for a new scent; something that is wearable everyday and has a nice playful touch to it. Normally my perfume collection consists of classic’s that have a modern twist. Currently I wear ……

Chance by Chanel, Lau de Issey by Issey Miyake, Cool Water Eau De by Davidoff and Agent Provocature by Agent Provocature. All amazing scents but I felt like it was time for a change, something a little younger that reminds you of your youth. I also love the scents that Sohum make which include buttercake and pink frangipani, but I digress.

So off to the perfume counter I went. I admit I am a sucker for a nice bottle to grab my attention before I smell or even read the label. Of course the staples like romance by Ralph Lauren were an option, and in the pretty bottle stakes there was Vera Wang Princess and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely or maybe Covet. In the back of my mind I really did know what I was after, but I wanted to be sure hence the testing of lost of options.

Finally I made my way to the ‘new’ perfume section, filled with pop stars and new clothing lines designer fragrances. Normally I wouldn’t go here but there was one little bottle calling to me (well one of five). It was the collection released a few years ago by Gwen Stafani called Haijuku Lovers and in particular the scent called Love. So spraying and smelling ensured and after much discussion my little doll came home. There is just something right about this scent and the bottle raised the stakes. Plus as there is a new limited collection out at the moment they are doing free gifts. I ended up getting these super cute mobile phone/key ring charms and some ‘scratch and sniff’ stickers. And yes I am a sucker for the phrase “free gift with purchase” hence my rather large collection of tote bags.

All in all a very successful perfume trip; and a big thanks to Kendiedoll who was dragged around countless perfume counters to help decided with me even if it was a forgone conclusion.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doll house Photography

Ok so in the last few months/years I’ve amassed quite a wardrobe of retro items including lingerie, dresses, skirts, hat’s and even aprons….but what to do with them all. Yes I wear them out most days but I fancy doing something different. That was when it was suggested I visit the website of Helen McClean . Wow is all I’ll say.

Helen offers Pinup photo shoots where you get to play dress-ups, have your hair and make up done, then get to pose like a pinup for some amazing shots. So after looking amazing you also get a nice collection of photos. Now for anyone wanting to do this but don’t think you have the wardrobe Helen also offers her collection to you to try on and find your style. And guess which dress she has in her collection (as if I needed anymore of an excuse to book a session)

Yes that’s right the dress I’ve been hunting for from Bettie Page clothing. So I’m going to book in and I will post the results when I get them.

So grab a fork because a little cheesecake is coming your way.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Dreams Princess

Every so often it is good to update your bedroom and make it a sanctuary that we often need to escape to. I once was given a list of ways to make your bedroom a retreat and place of romance. They compared the average bedroom to a hotel and why you so often feel more relaxed and/or amorous when staying in one. Their main points were the lack of clutter, high quality bedding and clear sense of what the room was for. These days so many of us have a pile of books by the bed, clothing around, TV’s or laptops and all our personal life around the place. The main key to sleep is to remove everything that can distract you. Not to mention the fact that may current room is a mix of furniture I’ve collected or inherited, so I thought it was finally time to create the space I’ve always dreamed of to add my beauty sleep

So with that it mind I have been thinking about what in hotels rooms make me feel so light and rested, and no its not the tiny soaps although they are nice. For me it’s the clean lines, minimal furniture and lack of distractions. Next I started thinking about what I keep saying I want, but haven’t actually got up and found yet. Obviously the first thing is a comfy bed, and in saying that I have very specific wants when it comes to my bed. I like high off the ground beds, not a fan of the base and mattress set, next comes firmness of the mattress and I like to be able to sit upright in bed to read so a high back is a most. Hence the picture above.
Another thing I have gone on about for many years is having a place to do my make up. No longer balancing a mirror on my small side table or trying to do it in my small bathroom. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a proper dressing table so now to pick which one. One I can sit at but still need a chest of drawers or one that is both but means standing to do my make up?

I also found this super cute day bed, it only it was bigger than a single I would of jumped on it. It has also taken me ages to settle on a color scheme, I eventually caved and went white as a) I’ve never had a white bedroom b) I can change its feel by changing sheets and throws and it seemed to look the best for my budget. Fingers crossed as I go hunting for pieces this weekend I find some bargains.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm ready for my close up

Now I spend a large amount of time doing my make up and hair, so it is really nice to be spoilt and have someone do it for me. There are always times when having a professional do the work is worth the extra coin. So while I’ve been getting ready for modeling shots and practicing what styles we were going to do I thought about al the other times I’ve had it done.

You always have the choice of hiring a makeup artist that comes to you or going to them, or even popping instore to cosmetic retailer. Feel free to ask questions about, price and what you get for your money. Some counters in stores charge a fee that is redeemable on product which means you can walk away with your lippie and powder ready for touch ups.

If you have a particular make up brand you like go and talk to them, tell them what you already have and they may be able to use what you already have in a new way. It is also good to go and visit your make up counter every six months or so to see what new styles are in and to see if you should change any product. Personally I seem to change my foundation yearly as my skin changes. I stand by the golden rule ïf you don’t ask you don’t get” so getting asking.
Tips for choosing a good make up artist:
Be honest, if you don’t like it tell them
Tell them if you have any skin or allergies, as you want to look your best not have a reaction
Take images with you for the look your after
Ask what style of make up they have trained in, bridal, photography, glamour
Try and bring samples of your outfit colors because they may be able to suggest eyeshow that compliment or enhance your outfit.
Ask if you can either bring you own lippie or buy one as you may want to touch up as the night goes on
Remember they are artist not miracle works, and as much as we’d all love them to take of ten years it is only make up and they do the best they can.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coffee and Music

I recently caught up with one of my favorite local artist for coffee and see what was on the musical cards. I’ve featured Barry Michael before, but a quick recap for those of you who don’t know him. Local boy with amazing talent with music that spans the genres of rock, pop, folk, blues, soul and even a little bit country. You can find his music on itunes and his videos on youtube. All are locally produced by Barry and have that great raw feel with brilliant quality.

So the main question I was interested in was finding out what his latest project was. Barry is currently working with Queensland artists Robert & Shauna Kendall on a series of relaxation and meditation cd’s and clips. You can view their work on via Barry’s site . Apart for his normal music you will find the clips for Petals of the Heart from the album Peaceful Mind Healthy Body - Deep Alpha Relaxation" It is the music only, edited from 30 min' to 10 min (to fit YouTube). Available on ITunes and from It is really different area for Barry’s music career but the combination of spoken word and music is fantastic. I high suggest having a listen, chill out and regroup with this CD after a long stressful day.

I am still always a little star struck when I catch up with Barry as I’ve been listening to his music since I was a little girl and admit I know all the words to all his songs. So it was really great to talk about his work and inspiration for his music. Thanks Barry and the gang in Abbey road for afternoon tea!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look around

Now not all art in Melbourne lives in galleries. A lot of it lives on the street, on walls, on doors or really anything that stands still long enough to be transformed. The amazing this is with the street art is that its locations are now places to go visit to see what has changed, evolved and survived. You never now what you are going to find. I have even found these little numbered felt hearts all over the city, with no reasons why their there they just are. So keep your eyes open for art that might be above, behind or all around you next time you in the city.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ahoy Captain

I recently saw this stunning navy sailor inspired dress on Gossip Girl and decided I had to find it, and yes figure out how to get it to Melbourne. So after much hunting I found my way to an old favorite site called Bettie Page clothing, and as luck would have it not only did I find my dress I also discovered that it was made in flare and pencil skirt versions.

Captain Navy Pencil

Yes seeing Blair Waldorf in this stunning dress did mean I had to get one, and now that I have the super cute Navy peep toes heels what better reason can you think of. This super cute navy dress is made from navy stretch Bengaline (why does that fabric have to keep haunting me – I worked in a fashion store where 90% of our suits were made from bengaline) is double breasted and has a white satin trimmed ruffle sailor collar. Plus you can also get the handbag to match!!!! All I can say is please sent it to me now.

Captain Navy Flare

And then I came across this gem. So now the decision is do I go pencil or flare, or as Kendiedoll would say BOTH! This one is also made from navy stretch Bengaline and is double breasted and has a white satin trimmed ruffle sailor collar. So now its all about decisions…because lets face it I can find a reason and place to wear both and like I said now with my navy heels there isn’t really a reason not to. Or not at least one that jumps quickly to mind at the moment. What do you think??????

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pleasure State

While out with Ms Firedoll last weekend she re-introduced me to an old favorite and their new collection. Pleasure state is one of my favorite lingerie houses because a) i adore the designs, b) the fit perfectly and c) the more I talk with my dolls the more I find I'm not alone in the love of this house.

This stunning little piece was Ms Firedoll's favorite and I can see why, when you can have a silk kimono that doubles as lingerie and dress what more can you want.

So head to your nearest supplier (for many thats Myer) and start trying on.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lock it away

Apart from and obsession with watch inspired jewelry, I also have a weakness for anything with keys at the moment. I just adore them in all sizes, key shapes and especially in silver. I have two main ones that I’m wearing one larger set and one smaller single key. The small one I bought a few months back at a little street market in Fitzroy (I think) and the larger one I picked up on my airport travels of late.

For some reason they really appeal to me, could be that inner steam punk screaming to get out, or maybe from watching all those moves where a big old fashioned key holds entry to secret treasure. There is even something magical about one of those big brass keys on a length of ribbon that still sends me off into a dreamlike state.

I would love to one day get my hands on a Tiffany and Co key, just a simple silver one maybe in a heart design and small 16in silver beaded necklace which would only be about $400. Not that I’ve thought about it or anything. So magical present fairy if your listening please feel free to deliver me a little blue box from Tiffany’s.

Tiffany and Co Keys

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rugged Up

As the weather turns cold the thought for many to leave the warm confines of their house seems crazy but for me as long there is a big jacket and some warm gloves its time to head out into the night and see what the crisp night air brings. Why am I heading out in the low temperatures you may ask; simply in honor of my old pal Ms La dolce Vita coming to town for a conference and it was my duty as a local to show here some of our hidden treasures.

Now I admit I adore winter for so many reasons: Roasting fires, hot chocolate, winter jackets, gloves, scarfs, hats and even red wine seems to taste better. With that in mind it was time to head to transport at Federation square for drinks and then to Tony Starr’s Kitten Club for some yummy tapas.

You have to love the fact that the locals will still rather be outside and huddle around the heaters just as much as be in the clubs. We headed to the Kitten Club which is one of those great places you can only find if you know where you are going. So after a brisk walk it was time to go behind the green door, up a flight of stairs and enjoy. There was much removing of jackets and gloves and scarf’s to adjust to the warmth and then decisions about food. If you haven’t been to the club its worth a trip, and make sure you climb the second set of stairs and find the bar above if for reason to check out the velvet covered walls.

All in all another great night with the hidden secrets of Melbourne.

Monday, April 19, 2010

XOXO Gossip Girl Fashion

So during my last flight I decided to while a way my time by watching the in flight entertainment. Thankfully one episode of my new favorite comedy “the big bang theory” was on so I could giggle away in my seat, however once finished I figured “hey I’m on a 2 hour flight lets see what this Gossip Girl thing is”. So by the end of the flight (since there was only 1 episode to watch, the pilot thankfully) I was hooked into the fashion of this show. Story wise ok (the more I watch the more I like) but it’s the fashion and hair that I’m addicted to at the moment; especially that of one character, Blair.

For those of you who aren’t watching this show Blair isn’t the main the character but I must say when she’s on the screen all the other girls pale in comparison. There is something about her prep school / vintage inspired look that has just grabbed me. Maybe it’s also the fact that like me she’s a brunette and all of us non blonde girls must stick together. LOL And with that stunning mane of chocolate and cinnamon brown, often with luscious curls it didn’t take long for her to become my favorite.

So what does a modern ‘90210’ (yep showing my age there) have to do with my love of vintage fashion and lingerie you might well ask. Well after a few episodes it was clear to see that the costume department has taken cues not only from fantastic modern pieces but have also included some vintage glamour. This little navy sailor inspired dress above was a perfect example. Add the right hat and a pair of white gloves (and a slightly longer hem line) and you’d be forgiven in thinking this was vintage. Plus her combination of demure and racy outfits show that there is so much you can do with dare I say it, modern vintage.

It has really inspired to start looking again in more conventional stores to find a few key pieces that can be transformed into my “good girl gone bad style” and also reminds us that even the bad girls can still do park avenue princess.

Sage Slip from Dollhouse Bettie

What I did find amazing was in one of the episodes (1st series) when Blair ends up at a Burlesque club, then undresses to her green slip not that far away from this sage slip from Dollhouse Bettie which I recently featured. Plus the added wow factor a modern gal who seems to always wear stocking and suspenders…a girl truly after my own heart. With this all in mind it wasn’t that long till I came across an amazing couple of finds….a grey knit dress and a divine black fitted jacket that just screams OWN ME!!!!!!! Watch this space as yes they both did somehow find their way into my wardrobe.

And my last word of Blair and gossip girl… if you fancy a visual feast and don’t mind curling up on the couch in pj’s with a hot chocolate for some girl tv, rent out the series. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

XOXO Tiki Doll

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Melbourne Comedy Festival

So its Saturday night, your best mates in town and its the last Saturday of the comedy festival. What do you do? You do you a) stay in a hotel order room service and watch movies or do you b) walk your little boots down to the Melbourne Town Hall and see whats on. Well what do you think we did?

That's right we got all dressed up and headed into town. Now if you've never been to the festival the first and probably the hardest part is figuring out what to see. Watching Mikii's face go from excited to puzzelled to excited again was classic, I think he might of been a little thrown by the massive list and was a bit taken aback when I said "yep they're all on tonight, what do you fancy?" After a bit of a discussion and a wonderful chat with one of the event staff we decided........Kitten D'Amour Sailor shirt

And with tickets in hand and time to kill Mikii and I headed out for dinner, drinks and fill the next few hours as our show didn't start till 11. First off we headed to china town in search of Section 8 a very groovy bar made from 2 containership containers in an old parking lot. A very groovy place and thankfully it didn't rain (as there isn't really a roof) so it was a couple of drinks, great chats and then time to hunt out some food.

Section 8
Tony Starr's Kitten Club

Which is how we ended up at Tony Starr's Kitten Club for Tapas. Super yummy and it was under much restraint that we didn't order the entire menu. So more food, more drinks and so much more talking. Such fun. Then with a desire for dessert it was time to walk up to the theatre district for sweets, we ended up lapping around these really cool blocks and took ages to decided on this quaint Italian counter top coffee shop for almond cake with ice cream and hot chocolate.

And after a quick watch check it was time to make our way back to the town Hall for *drum roll* ALI MCGREGOR'S LATE NIGHT VARIETY NIGHT

For people here is a little bit about her from her webiste:

"In the late 19th Century, a group of chorus girls used to creep out of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, dash across to the east end and perform their arias in their corsets and drawers for the vaudeville loving public. In 2005 Ali was inspired by these ladies of the operatic night to do the same. She crept out of Opera Australia's production of 'Manon' and into The Famous Spiegeltent creating the very first Opera Burlesque. She has now been firmly bitten with the cabaret bug and although she still regulary sings operaticaly around the world, her reputation as a unique interperator of mordern day pop and rock classics is growing ever stronger. Oh, and she plays the autoharp, omnichord and stylophone which they never let her do in opera."

Basically she is amazing and at the variety nights you never know what your going to get. Last night featured Frisky and Manish, The List Operators, Adam Hills and Gypsy Wood and the amazing Saxon. We even got to witness Saxon to a dance first in a silk moo moo and then in a skin colored body suit while Ali sang Kate Bush's Babushka on the auto harp. PRICELESS!!!!!!

Another great night for the comedy festival and congrats Saxon (Asher Treleavan) for receiving the critics Choice award.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

who told?

I was recently sent this link about my favorite little store Kitten D’Amour and the fact that a certain famous person has been shopping there.
From GC Bullentin
“POP princess Britney Spears' hectic tour schedule has called for some much needed retail therapy with the singer spending $1500 on dresses from Brisbane store Kitten D'Amour. Spears spent 20 minutes in the Adelaide Street store yesterday buying dresses, bags and accessories. Accompanied by her burly security guard, the mother-of-two said she was impressed the designs were manufactured in Australia. She told staff she would take some of the purchases home to give to her girlfriends. Kitten D'Amour operations manager Simon Griffin said she was `absolutely delightful'. ``We were a little bit starstruck,'' he said.”
So I think I may have to keep shopping to snap up these gems and watch the fashion pages to see where the outfits end up. So keep watching those stars.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mikii is here but what to wear

It seems to be the way at the moment that people are travelling/working like me with only being in one place for 3 days. Just like my 24hour stint in QLD Mikii has hit Melbourne for 72 hours. Which brings about 3 questions; how much mischief can we get up to? Where are we going? And what do I wear? This last question brought about another thought…What is Mikii going to wear?

As ladies we are very spoilt by choice, however the guys not so much. Sure lots get reinvented each season but really the basics are limited. Pants – short or long, Shirt short/long/no sleeves, jacket, vest. So this got me thinking about the shopping trips we usually end up on. A couple of new years eve’s ago Mikii and I found this amazing store in the centre of Melbourne called Anton’s. With patterns that blow your mind and limited runs of items its no wonder we walked away with bags on our arms and less in our wallets. Mikii ended up finding 1950’s inspired pants with a very subtle silver pin strip, ivory brocade waistcoat and 1950’s tuxedo inspired shirt. All in all a good hall and from memory some white and black 1920’s shoes too.

So to any men who are reading this little blog watch this space as soon there will be stuff for you too.

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