Wednesday, March 16, 2011

new music

I am always in search of new music. Well maybe not the new lastest up to the minute style music but new to me. One of the best ways I've found to discover diverse bands, songs and music is general is to ask those around you what they are listening to. Personally I also ask all of my new friends to make me a playlist of songs they think I should hear. Sometimes I've heard it before and other times I get given rare gems that I never would of found without their help.

However this latest discovery is not from those offerings, in fact I stumbled on a 10sec track as the opener to a tv show. With a 10sec riff I was hooked and searched out the song writers only to discover The Pierces.

The album which I discovered was Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge, and lets just say its fantastic. Their style is such a mix of artists but also unique, think Fiona Apple, Regina Specktor, a bit of the darker side of Amanda Palmer. My favourites are "Secret," and "It was You". "Boring" has a great dark feel and as weird as it sounds it reminds me of my fav gal from "Gossip Girl" Blair at her darkest. Be sure to jump on YouTube or Itunes and give it a listen, its well worth it.
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