Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the defence of the VM Team

In the past few days I have seen some strange and wonderful window displays in the retail world due to Christmas. However yesterday I did see a few things that made me go HMMMMMM? In the defence of the Visual Merchandising team yes i did stop and look, then wonder, then take photos. Only downside I didn't buy.

So can anyone explain how polar bears and display cabinets tie in together?

sure maybe there are times when you want to display your polar bears, but what about leopards on side tables?

or elephants and highchairs?

so now with the images up I will let you make up your mind

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

London Calling

Ok so some of you may know that I have fought for many years against the idea that I was cute... but if being cute means your UK cousins bring you super kawaii phones from overseas as an early birthday present who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth.

So now to add to my collection of gadgets is a little pink phone that is so cute I can hardly believe it. Cool thing is it is the same make as my current phone, so i already have all the car chargers etc, so just a simple SIM swap is all that was needed.

So happy travels back to the UK and thanks again KeeKee & Roberto

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

too hot to dress up

In this hot weather which is QLD I have been reminded why its so hard to buy clothing. Its too hot to try anything on.

However there are times when you just have to. So far in my travels I have found the stunning little hats, some super cute earrings, cool shoes and a thousand other things I wish I could bring home with me. But sadly i had to settle for just playing dress ups.

So after a few iced coffees my friend Ez and I discovered a great little store called That Shop in Burleigh Heads. So yes this is not the best photo taken of me but hey in this heat you can't have everything ;)

So i have to say congrats to all you stunning GC Rockabilly gals in this heat and still looking this fabulous. This amazing lady was also found at burliegh heads. Your stunning gal! If this is you please let me know.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

birthday lunch

Ok so braving the heat I ventured out for a family birthday today. I have had to relearn how to do my make up so it doesn't melt. Anywhoo we found this great little place called Alto just on broadbeach beachfront and enjoyed some great food and wonderful wine.

Thanks to all who could make it, see you next year

Friday, December 25, 2009

all wrapped up

Well the presents have all been opened, the turkey has been eaten and now its time to play with the presents. I will be posting some stunning images of vintage finds I was given by family. (photos to come. I hope this post finds you all full from food and surrounded by your loved ones.

I ended spending a good part of my Christmas morning baking cupcakes for the family get together then of course most of the afternoon eating them. Its funny how no matter your age when a family gets together how we all fall back into our roles like children.

So now to go off and play with everything before we get to tired.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm in love!!!!!!

Well I just had to write because I'M SWOONING!!!!!!!!

Firstly my new corset is finally mine. I've just confirmed I'm the winning bid and payment has been made. So hopefully in the next few weeks my darling will be delivered to me...

And in the late of a Wednesday night when the shops are full of people in shorts and thongs I came across heaven in the form of Kitten D'Amour. I warn you now there will be many posts about this amazing store.

Here are just a few images of the wonders that WILL be in my home soon so watch this space

Monday, December 21, 2009

What time is it???

Ok so its that time of the year again. Its not exactly the annual family vaction but this gal who loves the cold has for some crazy reason headed north. Sure I stepped off the plane like Lana Turner only to be greeted by a throng of short and singlet tees. *insert fainting motion*

From WHAT KATIE DID swimwear collection

So now my body clock is out and its only the wee small hours of the morning and its blistering hot all ready. Time to crack out the swimwear, any vintage gals who can offer some hair tips in this sub tropical heat would be welcome.

You may be wondering what the plan is in this heat. Apart from the surviving the heat, i will be celebrating christmas with family. Ok so it may not be the vintage christmas like days of old but there will be many old embarrassing stories and of course all those photos you had forgotten about.

TikiDoll First Christmas

Well as its close to christmas a quick trip to santa is needed with Mimidoll and KeechiDoll, hopefully we won't get coal for christmas. Maybe I'll take a couple of extra candikanes with me to bride good old santa.

Then after picking up the latest group flying in, its time to start cooking my little heart out for a christmas day. I will be making the not traditional but still yummy cupcakes. Maybe a quick trip to martha stewart is needed to get some inspiration. Then its all hands in the kitchen.

Stay tunned for yummy cupcake info.....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

this is your final call

sitting in at the net kiosk in the airport terminal just killing a bit of time before I hop the flight to qld. Its at times like this is makes me think of how air travel, or travel in general, has changed. No longer do we dress for the occasion.

However I know there are a few ladies out there who still do. But I must admit walking into the terminal in matching outfit and luggage in heels did create a few turned heads this morning. Or it could be that I was doing this at 7am. I admit it wasn't full make up but at 5.30 am its hard to focus in the mirror without a massive quanity of cofffee.

I will up load images later when I get the chance.....coz I have a few goodies.

So what does this christmas season have in store for Ms Tiki Doll, so far it's work with a little bit of down time. Watch this space for more news.

Must dash....will update once landed

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A day off

Well I must admit I haven't had a day off in a long time. Just finished working 10 days straight, so today I'm going to ignore the washing for a bit and actually indulge in me.

So I'm off to make a big pot of french earl gray and find those biscuits I'd hidden. Then a nice relaxed ritual of getting dressed and doing make up.

Then off to my nail appointment, and hopefully a catch up with friends this afternoon for more tea and cake.

All in all a good day off...finally ;)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I heart cosmetics

I have to say a big thank you to all my fellow bloggers out their running comps at the moment. I really do love to see what cool prizes and entry details you have come up with.

My latest one I've entered is with
i heart cosmetics

So its got me thinking about the days ahead...finish my entry for Super Kawaii Mama, go to Hello sailor and start getting the house ready for christmas....better dash

Monday, November 23, 2009

If music be the food of love.....

In this world there are people who can say what you feel without you knowing you feel it. I believe that music is one of the greatest expressions out there. Some of (there are way too many to list) favourites include Ani Difranco, Amanda Palmer, Mumford and sons, Swell season, Pat Metheny and my number 1 BARRY MICHAEL.

Barry is a melbourne boy who sings from the heart and has written songs that have been perfect for so many parts of my life.

I've followed Barry's music since I was old enough to talk and still know all his songs word for word.

Some of my fav's include
- I'm mad
- daily Disguise
- First time
- little darling
- a world that lasts forever
- pyscho killer
- Another direction
- Alone like you

Ok so i could list every song he's ever written but i think you should have a listen to him yourself. He's an amazing blend of pop/soul/swing/blues/folk/and generally great music.

So in this digital age I feel the very least I can do to repay this great talent for so many years of joy and songs to sing my heart out too is to share him with you all.

His albums can be purchased from itunes, and you can see him on youtube. So get out there and support a great local talent.

He's the next Chris Issak/Paul Kelly/and every muso that has ever touched your heart.

so if you like please pass his music on to someone you know.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lingerie of the week - Hello Kitty crazy again

As normal its Sunday and I am looking around the web to find some wonderful piece of lingerie to brighten everyones day. This weekend I came across more Hello Kitty pieces, and my fav this Hello Kitty divine

Its always strange, and wonderful, to see just how many things are out there for Hello Kitty.
Plus it does make me have the internal battle of super cute vs the sexy gal.

Mind you these days you can get anythinhg hello kitty like this wedding dress. So i guess i shouldn't be too surprised at what i find anymore.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wet, Windy equals fun socks

Ok so the weather in melb has gone even crazier than normal. After spending days thinking we were all going to melt the cool change has come through and now its rain and wind everywhere.

Not that I mind, I love an excuse to wear lots of layers and have fun. Hence I decided to break out some of my fav socks and have a slight school girl inspired outfit. Hey in this weather you've got to do something to bring the smile out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Has my make up melted

Well after looking at the beautiful images of Vargas yesterday I was inspired to head to work in my best little "melting in the heat pinup gal" outfit

Today's color was purple.
So purple eyes, purple shirt, fav purple cardi

The plan was mainly to see if the make up would last the 38 degree day we had.

Thankfully it did....must say the amount of trips made to the juice bar
and ice cream stall may have something to do with the cooling temp.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dreaming of Vargas

Ok so i should be doing dishes, planning for tomorrows big day at work but all I really feel like doing is looking at the art of Alberto Vargas.

Why you may ask? Well Alberto Vargas was the first pinup artist that I fell in love with as a small starry eyed gal. There was just something about his girls that gave me the sense of "now thats a real woman"

All his girls, to me that is, were the perfect combination of sex, innocence and Goddess. Things I can only dream of being one day.

So as much as it may seem odd to my co-workers and staff I think tomorrows outfit and make up will be Vargas inspired

Sweet dreams
Luv & Lashes

so booked

It looks like christmas may be coming early to little old melbourne town... I've just found out that the wonderful team from the Lindy Charm School are on their way back to my fair city.

I can recommend this for every gal out there, its worth the time, money and effort to connect with these fantastic ladies and meet some new friendly faces.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In this heat

In this heat I am struggling with my love of stockings. I have invested in some stunning pairs from various providers but with the heat wave in Melbourne its proving a little harder to wear everyday.

So many of you may ask why since the invention of pantyhose or tights would anyone want to wear stockings unless you are trying to rev up the engine of your partner.

Well for me personally they make me walk taller, smile more and generally feel spectacular. There is just something special about walking around knowing that under your dress/skirt is the this silken pleasure is there, only for you and for those you wish to share it with.

I do firmly believe that lingerie is the foundation of you day, so with the right beginnings anything is possible.

I can only advise that ladies its time to hit the shops and grad a pair of stocking. Stay ups or true stockings and walk tall in your beauty.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a quickie

I know I should be getting ready for work but.... I just can't help sit down and drink my coffee while watching Ruby Gloom. Yes its a kids show but hey you gotta love it as she's the happiest gal in gloomsville.

So turn on your tv's at 7.15 am and have a look.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Santa baby

Thanks to fellow blogger Super Kawaii Mama all my plans for chores and catching up on clothing plans have now flown out the window.

With this christmas comp now on the cards I want to dive head first into my christmas collections and find every bit of my vintage christmas treats.

Ok so I'll do 1 hour chores and 3 hours blog....

I just adore this comp...thanks SKM
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