Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doll house Photography

Ok so in the last few months/years I’ve amassed quite a wardrobe of retro items including lingerie, dresses, skirts, hat’s and even aprons….but what to do with them all. Yes I wear them out most days but I fancy doing something different. That was when it was suggested I visit the website of Helen McClean . Wow is all I’ll say.

Helen offers Pinup photo shoots where you get to play dress-ups, have your hair and make up done, then get to pose like a pinup for some amazing shots. So after looking amazing you also get a nice collection of photos. Now for anyone wanting to do this but don’t think you have the wardrobe Helen also offers her collection to you to try on and find your style. And guess which dress she has in her collection (as if I needed anymore of an excuse to book a session)

Yes that’s right the dress I’ve been hunting for from Bettie Page clothing. So I’m going to book in and I will post the results when I get them.

So grab a fork because a little cheesecake is coming your way.


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