Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Order of St. Beryl

I think I need to join a convent.....ok so I'm kidding but I came across some classic footage from some of my favourite comedians Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. This classic clip comes from there show Not Only But Also, a show I was introduced to at an early age.

Having grown up going to a school where Chapel attendance was forced every week its these images of the The order of St Beryl - otherwise known as the Leaping nuns of St Beryl's that would often leap (excuse the pun) into my mind during service.

Apart from making me laugh its a good reminder that not all humor has to be 'blue' or use foul language. Plus it reminds me that it is thanks to the comedians of the past that allows us just great humor now. So a big thanks to Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, the entire Monty Python team, Tim Brook-Taylor, Graeme Gardner, Bill Oddie, Tony Hancock, Kenneth Horne, and so many more that it would take to long to list

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Cute!!

Its almost Valentine's day and look what one of my favorite bakers from the USA has created. Cakepops in the shape of teddy bears. You just gotta love what Bakerella comes up with. If only I was a better baker I would so be trying to make these!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Damn you JB Hifi

Just a quick note today. DAMN YOU JBHIFI is all I'll say. Ok so I'm really glad I could pick up my long awaited copy of Immodesty Blaize's doco on burlesque which I've been waiting for ages to get.

However the plan was to go in and pick up DVD then leave. Lets just say that failed. Thanks to the discout section I also found the 1970's Valley of the dolls and Moulin Rouge on sale for $6 each. Then that thinking of "if I get can get these bargains there must be more" . Thankfully willpower took over and I resist the urge to go crazy but the temptation was there!

Off to watch my new distractions...Kisses

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Burlesque Underground

This sunday night Madame Natalia is holding the burlesque underground night, with our theme being LOLITA. The Mama of the Burlesque Underground- Madame Natalia- and The Order of Melbourne, present a wickedly tantalising and controversially seductive evening of burlesque, cabaret and theatre that is not to be missed!

Plus with the recent release of the movie Burlesque its amazing how many people I work with have a sudden interest in the genre. So armed with killer heels and my favourite blue corset I will be holding the hands of a few newbies as I welcome them to the world of burlesque.

If you fancy joining us please do at and shed your inhibitions, if you dare...

Sunday the 6th of February, 2011.

Tickets:$20 Full, $10 Group of 5 or more.

Doors open at 7pm, show begins at 9pm.

Starring Scarlett, Poppy Cherry, Foxtrot India, Natalia Ristovska and special guest co-host Paul Moder

NOTE: Show is strictly for those 18 years and over. Contains themes, scenes and concepts that may offend.

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