Monday, June 22, 2009

Pass The Popcorn

Its time to brave the cold winter air and head to the cinemas. Not for the lastest big block buster action movie but for the much anticipated Coco Avant Chanel Rating PG Release 25 June 09


Audrey Tautou (THE DAVINCI CODE, AMELIE) plays the legendary "Coco" Chanel in an enthralling exploration of her early life before she rose to worldwide fame as the most celebrated fashion designer of the 20th Century. We meet the young Gabrielle Chanel, illegitimate daughter of a travelling salesman who learns to sew in a Catholic orphanage before following her singing ambitions lead her to a cabaret club. It is here where Chanel earns the nickname 'Coco' and also where she catches the eye of several high society gentlemen who would ignite her passion and become instrumental in the development of her remarkable career.

From director Anne Fontaine (NATHALIE), Coco Avant Chanel is the fascinating untold story of how one woman rose from humble beginnings to become one of couture’s most important icons.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lingerie of the Week

So its time decided on what delicate piece of heaven I will start my week off with.

And the winner is......

Elegantly Scant
Red Delicious

From amazing local company Elegantly Scant, based in Australia, comes this stunning set. Part of the 'Do you think I'm sexy?' range you can mix and match the Red Delicious and Parfait item. Gorgeous frilled knickers made from 100% silk with four detachable suspender straps that can be attached beneath the frills.

Its fantastic to see this amazing style made right in my own backyard. So for all of you in Sydney (Paddington) drop in and check out their boutique.

XXX to you all

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forever Barbie

At the moment those of us in Melbourne are lucky enough to have some great Pop Icon exhibitions. There is Star Wars at Science Works and Forever Barbie at Fed Square.

Forever Barbie: A Pop Culture Icon Exhibition

No matter where you go, the mere mention of Barbie™ elicits a reaction. People are passionate, persuasive, and just plain personal about their Barbie story. How could one doll create such a response? Barbie is more than a doll she is a major part of pop culture!

To coincide with Barbie’s 50th Anniversary, Fed Square will host a fabulous exhibition celebrating Barbie’s past, present and future. Located within a purpose-built exhibition hall, the Forever Barbie exhibition will immerse visitors in every aspect of Barbie’s illustrious life over the past 50 years as well as give an insight into the future of the world’s most loved fashion doll!

Barbie Logo

This will be the largest collection of Barbies ever assembled in the Southern Hemisphere. In addition, Barbie’s very own Fashion Designer, Robert Best will fly in from the U.S. for a series of workshops that provide an insight into the design process behind the making of the world’s most famous doll.

Over 300 Barbie Dolls - including some of the rarest and quirkiest sourced from the Mattel® archives as well as Australian Barbie Collectors will sit alongside a collection of accessories that have enhanced Barbie's glamorous existence over the years. Included will be Barbie's fabulous fashions, dream houses, cars, pets and of course the men in her life!

The very first #1 Ponytail Barbie, one of only three in the Mattel U.S. archive, will also be on loan for the exhibition. In an auction on May 17th 2003, at Sandi Holder's Doll Attic in San Francisco a world record was set for the sale of a mint-in-box #1 Barbie doll from 1959 which reached an unbelievable U.S. $25,427.

Tickets: $12.50 - $15.00 / Purchase online at or at any Target store

Times: 10.00am - 6.00pm

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Burlesque Britain

As a lover of the vintage era lingerie it will be no surprise that I love Burlesque, so when reading the following information its clear why I had to help spread the word.

Below is from

The BWI has been watching the development of the SEEL (Sexual Encounter Entertainment License) over the last several months with some trepidation and as it has now been thrust into the limelight by Camden Council, we now feel it is high time that we sprang into action and got our campaign under way.

The UK burlesque scene stands to be severly threatened by these impending changes which could herald the end of something we all love so much and for many of us is not only a way of life but our careers.

All we are looking for is an amendment to the bill that allows the removal of clothing as a performance as long as it does not result in nudity, and any establishments hosting an event with such parameters be exempt from the requirement to purchase a SEEL license.

The license has not yet reached the final steps to be passed through parliament but we need to highlight how a loop hole in the act could affect us, here are some of the ways in which you can get involved and support our campaign;

Sign the online government petition [read more...]

Print a copy of our paper petition for your club, event or night [read more...]

Contact your local MP [read more...]

Take part in our public demonstration [read more...]

Come to our "Reverse Burlesque" night in Camden [read more...]

Spread the word [read more...]

It's time to walk in the footsteps of our past,
the Luftwaffe didn't stop Mrs Henderson!,
so gird your stiff upper lip, join in the fighting spirit
and sign up to our campaign

Where can you go to support
"Revudeville" Fundraiser - 12th July 2009

We have been informed by our friends at Camden Council that any event involving stripping, nudity, has the word "Burlesque" in it's title or anything in the style of Dita Von Teese, will require a "Sexual Encounter Entertainment License" so we have decided to create our very own non burlesque revue in honour of Camden Council.

"Proud" Camden will be our hosts for a glittering evening where you will be delighted and dazzeled by a fine selection of performers from the UK cabaret scene, and some of the most beautiful displays of women getting dressed you wil have ever seen.

So come and join us for and evening of light hearted "Reverse Burlesque" which will stay strictly within the bounds of Camden Councils requirements.

Acts are still being confirmed but we can let you in on breaking news that our fabulous headling acts will be Jo King and Gwendoline Lamour!!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Steampunk technology

I found this while reading a wonderful tech blog

The key is made out of purple heart & has approximately 26 Ruby's which look great when the key catches the light, & when the Keys plugged into a USB, it glows green from underneath the gears giving the key a good sense of movement.

This gem was on sale via etsy but is sadly sold out. Oh well back to the drawing board.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So its time decided on what delicate piece of heaven I will start my week off with.

And the winner is......

Kiss Me Deadly
Elegant Lingerie for Femme Fatales

Inspired by a haute couture bra from the Fifties. Made from eyelash and floral lace with satin contour panelling, it features a velvet ribbon lace up effect. The longline bra has fully adjustable straps, a hook and eye back. The full brief is so pretty. working well on its own or as part of the set. The long line suspender belt is so pretty, but is designed to work hard too, with all metal hardware, perfect for keeping your stockings firmly in place. The last piece of the set is the bolero. Wear it as a bed jacket or over your favourite corset as eveningwear.

XXX to you all

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello Sailor

So its time decided on what delicate piece of heaven I will start my week off with.

And the winner is......

Limited Edition Sailor Girl by What Kate Did

Sailor girls were often featured in the work of pin up artists including Elvgren. The underwired Sailor bra is made from navy blue satin and powermesh and features a white trim around the top of the cups..

Cute deep knickers featuring satin covered buttons on the front panel echoing the button fastening used on the front of sailor trousers.

Vintage inspired 6 strap suspender belt made from navy blue satin and powermesh. Features 2 embroidered white stars on the front section of the belt (US sailor scarves feature 2 stars on the back) and white trim.

So i think it may be time to get the money order out and wait by the post box for a package of joy.

XXX to you all

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Attention Girls

Its time to open the diary and book in your attendance to Charm School

But what is it I hear your asking. Mistress Chrissy says
"What is the Lindy Charm School for Girls all about?

The School is dedicated to reviving the glitz, glamour and etiquette of the early 20th century. The era was epitomized by such trademarks as redder-than-red lipstick, bullet bras, girdles, seamed nylons, sky high heels, sexy garters and classic hairstyles boasting victory rolls and finger waves. We are about keeping the traditions of our foremothers alive... Teaching you the techniques and tricks to achieve that glamourous look whether it be from the 30's 40's or 50's day or night, dancing or dining, we can help you..."

Two intensive 3 hour workshops are being held in Melbourne

Saturday 15 August 2009 & Sunday 16 August 2009

Registrations are now open and places filling fast so if you want to be a part of these workshops then don't hesitate to book post haste!!

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