Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doll House Bettie Spring Treat

One of my new favorite international lingerie houses Doll House Bettie has just released for spring (our autumn) a number of stunning vintage slips perfect for the light weight fabrics and pastel colors of the season.

My favorite from this collection has to be the stunning sage green nylon deemed " Van Raalte Satin Suavette". Now normally I’m not a green person but this piece is just to stunning not to love especially as it is gathered under the bust and has chiffon trim at the V-neckline and hem. As well as large lace appliqués adorn the bodice front and center back while a matching asymmetrical insert trims the skirt front.

Now you may be wondering why in this modern time of jeans and hoodies I’m talking about slips, personally I think these are a staple in any woman’s lingerie drawer. They can be worn under any dress so in the blustery Melbourne weather the fear of showing everyone in the street your frillies is reduced. So I think its time to embrace the slip and enjoy the breezy weather.


Betty Darling said...

Stunning slips, such lovely colours. I've never heard of this brand - thanks for intro!

Tiki Doll said...

Glad to hear you like, they make some really stunning pieces.
Glad to make the introduction

玉鳳 said...
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