Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coco & Igor

You know what its like, you’ve got an evening to yourself and you fancy seeing a movie but which one? I wanted something I could just escape into but was a little different so I dragged myself up to the local art house cinema and stumbled on Coco and Igor. For some reason I adore watching these bio-pic’s with poetic license and so far I’ve seen 3 on Coco Chanel.
This latest one was really good, and focused on Coco’s life when she invited composer Igor Stravinsky and his family to live with her. Although I don’t know if she did have an affair with him, that’s what this film focuses on and actually deals with it in a very nice way (as much as affairs can be).

Warning there are subtitles, and in my opinion I adore them and a movie about a French woman should be in French. Silly I know, but when the movie started off in English I was rather disappointed however five minutes in it went back to French and I was happy again.

The costumes are divine and makes me want to wear more classic Chanel, or at least more items inspired by her. If you like Coco or simply a great French film go out and see this one, another visual masterpiece.


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