Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looko after your lingerie

Dollhouse Bettie
Now there is no reason to go and spend your hard earned money on nice, dare I say it stunning lingerie, to have it destroyed after washing. So I am going to offer a few tips for keeping your lingerie beautiful.

The first thing I would like you to remember is that this piece of clothing is the most important piece you’ll ever own simply because it will spend the most time close to your skin. So you want it to remind soft and silky as long as possible. Carefully washing, drying and maintaining your purchase will retain the integrity of the design and fabric.

Dollhouse Bettie
1. To keep these fantastic, silky fabrics the way they were when you first purchased them, use a detergent made for hand washing. And really hand washing, is a great idea. Using the delicate detergent, shampoo or hand soap works too. But be sure you dont ring the material, or use excessive squeezing. Gently allow the bras or lingerie to soak. Using a small plastic bin in the sink or tub usually works perfectly. If the bra is made of silk, lace or satin, exercise extra caution when rubbing so as not to pull the threads out

2. Make sure any clasps, hooks or buttons are fastened so they wont snag the material, or loosen at the seams.

3. If the idea of actually using your hands is daunting, most washing machines have a delicate cycle. Use a lingerie bag or washing bag for your bra and lingerie, so it won’t get caught or pulled during the cycle. Use the special detergent mentioned above, and set on the delicate cycle, on cold (not warm!).

4. Hang dry or dry flat, on a clothes horse, coat hanger or special drying rack. Dont ever dry in the dryer. Not only will the fabric possibly shrink, but it will sacrifice the life span of the bra or lingerie.

5. Store in a lingerie drawer, without other garments like jeans, belts or accessories that might have hooks, zippers or anything else that might snag the fabric of the bras or lingerie. I even know a couple of ladies who hand their bra’s in the closet’s not sure how this effects the life of the lingerie but they do say it makes them feel like they’re in a lingerie store when getting dressed. Sounds good to me.

6. Storing a scented sachet in your lingerie drawer is a nice touch, leaving the bra and lingerie with a pleasant smell. An inoffensive, natural choice is lavender. However make sure you don’t have an allergy to the scent just incase first.

I hope this gives your lingerie a longer more beautiful life.


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