Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Take me with you

Currently on my way to work its 7 degrees and might I say a wee bit chilly. So I went and invested in my new handy, have tea anywhere flask. I figure for $8 it was worth the investment as an average cup of coffee on the road is $4 I could forgo two of these in order to be able to have lots of tea hot and ready when needed. My groovy new flask is from Ikea which was also a perfect excuse to have a look round for the new house just in case I saw anything groovy.
With groovy new bargain flask in hand it was time for tea, and since a new T2 tea store has just opened up I figured I’d support local business and grab something. As like with any trip I walked away with more than planned (but the tea containers were a bargain and will now become storage containers in new bedroom), and my favorite hot or cold tea strawberries and cream. This is one of the best teas around because you can drink hot for a sweet pick me up or make a huge batch and chill in the fridge for a drink that is sweet like a cordial but you don’t actually need to add sugar. And since I have a sweet tooth its better to have this in my fridge rather than a fizzy drink.

How to describe this tea…..
An absolute dessert delight! A gorgeous blend of hibiscus petals and rosehips with apple, strawberries and brews a beautiful red infusion with a bright, sweet aroma. A velvety sweet sensation with a crisp, tart finish. Fruity and floral, this is a refreshing breeze on a summer's day.

So as I write this I’m sipping the hot version and have the cold chilling in the fridge…..mmmmmmm tea.


Violet LeBeaux said...

Oh my gosh the strawberries and cream tea from T2 is my absolute favorite too! Perfect hot or cold and oh so yummy!

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