Sunday, May 30, 2010

fabulous friday's

A few months ago I swapped my kitten heels and ballet flats in the world of retail to stilettos and the world of office work. Yes, I do love being able to chose my own outfits, no uniforms or ‘lastest looks’ here, plus I do work with a bunch of tradies who seem to live in work gear; but this is beside the point. What has really confused me working in a office is the concept of casual Fridays.
Personally I’m not one to rock on up to work in a pair of jeans and casual tee. I do understand casual and love Violet Le Beaux Sneaker Sunday which I will be participating in this Sunday, but I digress. Why am I anti casual Friday; Firstly its just not me, secondly it would change my mindset to DIY not work and thirdly I just don’t see what its such a wanted thing. I of course not one to take things lying down have started my own Friday dressing routine. FABULOUS FRIDAYS!
Lets take a leaf out of those Hollywood starlets and ladies of day’s gone by where you made an effort. Personally I like to glam it out on Fridays now at work. Great heels, false lashes for that bright eyed look, a dress that can take you from the office to cocktail hour and of course something with sparkles. If anything its about making that effort to feel extra special, and you would be surprised how much taller you walk, bigger your smile and how many positive comments you’ll get.

So why not join me in being Fabulous this Friday in what ever you do.


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