Wednesday, May 5, 2010

how cute

When I was younger my school friends and I had a demented tradition at the end of every school year where we would go and get our photo’s taken together. We would get changed, head into Surfers Paradise, QLD and go to an arcade parlor for our tradition. The first lot we’d always take were the little black and white ones in those photo booths that you put in $5, get 4 poses and then a print photo strip. Ok so far not weird, but the second lot we’d get were no ordinary photos; these ones were done in “Ye olde time costumes”. So now I have this demented collection of myself and friends growing up in high school in outfits ranging from western saloon girls to prim and proper Victorian ladies. Nothing funnier than seeing yourself at 16 dressed as a western saloon girl with two of your mates. I should have known back then that these photos were the beginning of my love for historical fashion.

Anyway after reading another blog I was inspired to drag a couple of my current Victorian friends out to a photo booth place in the centre of Melbourne to reenact my past of sorts. However instead of going “Ye Olde Time” photos we went for crazy Japanese style instead, hence my current indulgence with the gothic Lolita and Hime Garu styles. What is all this craziness you may ask? Well you jump into a booth, select the background you want, pose and then draw/add stars/cats ears/words what ever you want to the image. Sort of like a form of digital scrap booking. I’ll scan and upload in a bit of our photos, but I have to stop laughing first at them first.

For those of you who don’t have access you can jump online at my new favorite website Puricute and upload your own photos to do the same; like these ones. Perfect for all you princess out there.


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