Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

Ok so in all honesty the world of modeling isn’t that glamorous hence this is what I looked like at breakfast before my photoshoot last weekend. Just for the record I hadn’t had much sleep the last two nights before this as well as a very late and long plane flight; however with the wonders of makeup and hair dressers all would be fixed.

As with any good make-over here is a bit of a photo-montage from very tired travelling pinup to vamp waiting for her outfits to arrive. The first part of the day was spent doing my hair which involved a lot of time curling little strands to get a nice bouncy curl. And as my hair doesn’t really hold a curl a large amount of hairspray and setting sprays were used, as this style had to last from midday (when we finally finished it) all the way through to the wee hours of the next morning as we were all going out on the town afterwards. Its always a rather nice bonus when you can get your hair done for ‘work’ and play.
Next the make up, and boy do I mean make up. Due the rather harsh lighting which does a) wash you out and b) make the makeup melt there had to be a rather large amount applied. We actually tried 3 different lots of colors for eyes and in the end decided for a smoky grey and brown combination with just a touch of silver. This transformation was a funny one as you can see from the photo before without the eye and lip color’s I was looking very pale.

So with eye color done the addition of false eyelashes began, and then the gluing of 5 individual diamonds on each set to add some glamour. So by the end of this process I did start to feel a little bit like a disco ball as I was also wearing sparkling body lotion to help add some ‘healthy glow’ all over in the shots. Thankfully the photos are less disco ball then I expected.

Final result…not bad for 3 hours work. Why all this you may ask? I won’t spoil the surprise but I was asked to do a photo shoot for one of my favorite designers and their new release of stock, so of course I said yes. Watch this space and hopefully I can put some photos up for you all.

Also a big thanks to Ms Cass, Lu, Evil Mark, Kitty and co, Good Mark and my long time friend DM Michael for a great weekend and catch up. I’ll see you all in 5 weeks for swimsuits and more photos.


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