Saturday, May 29, 2010

In Memory

In the last few days I received some sad news about the passing of a man who I have always consider Uncle A, although not related by blood I have known him all my life. His wife knew my mother in high school, and since that time I have grown up alongside their children. When we all lived in the same state we spend a large portion of time in their houses. These two families have celebrated birthdays, weddings, graduations, births together and sadly death’s and loss as well together.

My fondest memory is being in their home to be babysat and falling asleep with my ‘cousin K’ top and tail in a bed holding onto each other ankles so our parents couldn’t separate us in the night. We share so much history and I have images of Uncle chopping wood in the backyard, getting us fish and chips and always pottering around near us.

So in his passing I ask all of you to please call, text, email, write and tell those you love in your life and even those family members you not so fond of that you do love them. Because the greatest gift we have is love. We don’t know whats ahead, we only have this moment so please go forth and spread the love in your life because you never know how much it can help someone.

To Auntie L, K, L, S&H&O please know we are all thinking of you and you are in our hearts. We thank you for sharing your lives with all of us and there will always be a cup of tea & Boston bun waiting for you in our kitchens.

Love Tiki and the dolls


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