Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Shoes!!!!!

Usually I have no luck finding shoes. When I want red there are none in season, and as soon as I give up then they are everywhere. Also being an ex-dancer I have very narrow feet which suit dance and ballet shoes (points not fashion ballet) however a lot of the high street shoe stores have wider cuts. Therefore I am very used to either having to spend way too much on shoes or settling for the cheaper options with inserts so I don’t slip all over the place. Sadly being on a budget that’s usually what happens. However………

After spending the last week hunting for shoes to go with my new Kitten D’Amour outfits and then throwing my hands up saying “why are there no navy shoes”; I ended up killing time in a little shopping centre where luck would have it I found these beauties.

Pansy by Zoe Wittner

Firstly they are Zoe Wittner so I know they fit, which is fantastic and a huge selling point just there. But no there was to be more joy over shoes when the lovely sales assistant said those magic words “they’re on sale!” so quickly checking for my size, then a quick try on , I handed over my $50…yep that’s right $50 for my new Wittner’s. But of course before I could escape I found just one more pair for $50 that I had to have… so stay tuned.

I know they are on sale at the moment so I do suggest a quick trip to your local store because you never know what you’ll find.

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