Monday, May 10, 2010

Pinup on the road

With the lastest trip almost behind me I've again been thinking about travel and the luggage we use. Especially as I am trying to pack light however this has meant that my make up and heels seem to be taking up the most room.

I have just invested, although be it only a small amount, in a heavy duty beauty case for the road. As it was getting too hard to try an jam in all my eyelash cases, brushes, potions and powders. Right now its more a stop gap to see if I need to keep up with this level of equipment on jobs of if i need to scale up or down. I've even seen ones the same size as my suitcase, oh to have that much makeup for gigs. As you can see from the shot above its not the most visually stunning, but does handle plane travel well. Plus all that I"d been looking at all seemed like normal road cases with a handle. That was until I saw Hiedeo Wakamatsu's case, and yes its in the same pattern as my favorite suitcase.

I'd love to see inside this one, but as pretty as it is I wonder if its really just a normal hollow beauty case, because what I need is multi layer, multi compartment cases for all the bits and pieces.

Speaking of bits and pieces, while packing the kit on thursday night i discovered I will not need to buy eyelash glue for years as I found 27 tubes/bottles of the stuff. Guess it shows just how many set of false eyelashes i buy. Which brings me to a spoiler for a future entry. To continue with my declutter your life sections I will be looking at de-cluttering your makeup. So brace yourselfs ladies its time to clean out that make up case.....*insert scary music here*

Ok off to my flight luv and bat those lashes ladies


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