Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pass me my martini

Sometimes when you at home you need a bit of Hollywood glamour. Well the team at What Katie did have created a couple of pieces that fit that right down to the hem of your favorite nightie.

Their slip is based on an authentic pattern, and can be worn as both a fabulous nightgown or as a period-perfect underslip. We can all understand why you need a nightgown, but there are still some who don't understand the need for a slip. Not only does a slip produce a super-smooth dress line and keep you warm during cooler nights, but it also helps avoid the static cling that nylon stockings can be famous for.

So what elese.....well they also have these rather saucy knickers are the perfect thing to wear underneath your Hollywood gown! Made from a single layer of sheer powermesh around the back and sides, they feature a flattering curved tummy panel made from matching midnight black satin, finished with a cream lace trim.


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