Saturday, May 15, 2010

TUK Shoes

A big thanks to Ms C for letting me take back these ultra amazing shoes from the photo shoot last week. They are TUK and oh so very cool. Thankfully during the shoot I was just standing still, so I will have time to practice walking around in them at home before I hit the streets.

They are a big flash back to my teenage/university years as a little gothic gal. Which now means I know have to figure out how to work these amazing shoes into my normal wardrobe, I’m sure I’ll manage.

The other ultra cool thing is that I have been wanting a pair of TUK’s for years but always had issues ordering shoes online, as the pairs I liked never seemed to be in stores. So now I have my gothic pride and joy to walk around in.


Kendie said...

No wonder you couldn't fit them in the case!!

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