Thursday, May 20, 2010

Circa - Imported Vintage Hats

Can anyone say AMAZING HATS!!!!!!!!!
Well that’s what I’m saying after being sent these photos of Circa - Imported Vintage Hats, and yes I do want one of every color and shape. How fantastic to see these pieces still around and so beautiful.

I was very lucky last Christmas when the hat fairy delivered by piece from this collection. A black silk wide bow hat with delicate black veil. I’m still learning just how to do my hair to make it right, but I’m willing to keep trying to wear these stunning creations.

Apart from the fact that many of these pieces are actually from 1950 which makes them extra special to me, you are just spoilt for choice. So many colors and design. I challenge anyone not to find one piece that they’d like.

Well now there is no reason to mutter the phrase I just can’t find anything for that wedding/raceday/Sunday best. Circa was founded by Jacinta Sanders, a lady who has an eye for stylish vintage fashion; and offers genuine vintage hats that are fully imported for your joy. Each piece has a story as many come from estates, or they are the long forgotten gems from New York’s 5th Avenue. So when you pick up one of her hats the mind does tend to wonder just exactly where its been. Maybe a red carpet event, a war bride’s wedding or simply some ones Sunday best.

But where will you find these delights you may be asking…online, on ebay and at various vintage fashion shows around the country.


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