Thursday, May 6, 2010

declutter your life - wallets

As we head towards winter we get that urge to horde and build the clutter around ourselves, which of course leads to the spring clean where we get rid of it all. However this year I’ve decided not to wait to spring but to de-clutter my life now in the hope that I open my world up to let new things and experiences in, not just hang onto what I’ve got. I figured I share it with you and start with the easy stuff first.


If your like me you have an average size wallet, which never seems to be big enough. It’s not strange to have a wallet that has more receipts, business cards, loyalty cards and stamps than actual money in it. Now is the time to really think about what you NEED!. Yep, I said it. What do you need in your wallet, and what should really be taken out at the end of each day.

Why bother you may ask? Firstly we just collect clutter and it is good to release this; and secondly think about the life of your wallet. If its not bulging at the seems with junk and 5cent pieces how much longer can you keep that great wallet you spent ages hunting for. So how do you do this? Because of course you really need that collection of coffee loyalty cards with 1 stamp on each of them, and how do you get rid of all those coins. Ok ladies lets get the wallets out and start.

Essentials – EFTPOS/Credit Cards, Medicare and Health Fund Cards, driver’s license, Cash – notes and small collection of coins and in my opinion a picture of someone/animal/thing you love (as this can help when tossing up needs Vs wants when shopping plus it never hurts to have a reminder of the love that’s in your)

Apart from that the rest is clutter. Empty every pocket, zipped section and card holding space to really see what’s in there. You would be surprised with what we collect.

Taking the weight out can be as simple as getting rid of all those coins. You have a couple of options (I do both) have a jar at home and every couple of days empty as many of the small coins as you can. Just leaving the bigger ones for coffee’s/parking meters or train fare. This way when you have a lot in the jar you can take them to the bank and swap them for bigger coins or even notes. The other is to have a small coin purse for all the small coins all, which again you can get rid of at the bank.

Next is to have a look at the cards you have. If you have a lot of coffee cards take them to your coffee shops and see if they can be put onto one card. Be honest, how many times have you been back to that coffee shop. This also works for stores loyalty cards. Check for expiry dates, for instance some stores ‘bonus’ schemes are time dependant, so watch those dates.

Then go through all your receipts, notes and be ruthless. If they are really receipts you need to keep create a proper file at home for these (no a shoe box is not one) this way if you need the receipt you can actually find it.

So how you going? Feeling a bit lighter? I know my wallet is. The main thing with this cleaning is to do it every few days and you’d be surprised how often you’ll have money not just junk in your wallet. Happy cleaning!


Kendie said...

remember to keep those tax deductable receipts

Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

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