Monday, May 17, 2010

Cold weather = more tea

In this weather its nice to cuddle up on the lounge and have a good cup of tea. This weekend I figured I'd try something different. So off I went to my favorite tea store; T2.

Instead of heading for my normal tea's I decided to try a couple of floral and fruit teas. The tisanes are made from carefully chosen and cultivated ingredients, providing pleasure and goodness with every sip acccording to the lovely ladies at T2. Plus the added bonus is they are great after a meal, whether served hot or icy cold.

First off there was the light JUST ROSE which is really nice with honey

Described as:
A fragrant floral tisane widely consumed in China for all sorts of well-being issues. High in vitamin c, but most importantly it tastes and looks beautiful. A delicate and sweet florally treat that can be served hot, iced or as a garnish to most teas. Brilliant with honey and the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.

The Second was a fruit mix
A deliciously rich infusion with a deep red colour and an intense berry aroma. Juicy summer berries, including strawberry, blackberry and raspberry, with gorgeous petals produce a brew chock-full of berry flavour. A smooth, sweet nature with a tart, clean finish, this really is berry beautiful. Great for all-day drinking and versatile to suit most occasions. Great as a palate cleanser before or after dessert, and sensational iced in summer.

Both were wonderful and I know what I'll be drinking all week. So jump into your nearest store and grab a new flavor for your morning cuppa.


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