Monday, May 31, 2010

Art in the home

Ok so I’m still packing but my mind keeps wandering to how I am going to decorate the new place, as I will have so many blank walls and much more space. So yes the list of art projects is growing by the day including – creating a family tree using pictures on one wall, framing some of my growing collection of fabrics and papers, finding some more local artists work from Melbourne to display and maybe even have a bash at painting something myself.

As the style of the house is pretty much sorted (retro/vintage/rockabilly) its more about the personal touches now. Which in all honesty is what I’m really looking forward to, as this is the first place in 10 years I lived in where I can actually paint walls as I want, hang photos and general make my own mark.

So I will post pictures as soon as I get settled, and have a glass of champagne to celebrate. Wish me luck with the move.


Martin said...


Good luck with the move -make sure you have power water and gas turned on for you. Happy moving in x

偉誠 said...
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