Monday, June 7, 2010

Write it all down

Right, so somewhere in the maze of boxes I am sure there is the clothing I’m hunting for. So remind me again why I moved the week before the biggest trip of the year….yep that’s right because I hate dull moments. So the rest of the week (after work) will be spent washing and packing for wintersun (3 more sleeps), trying to unpack boxes and generally get organized. So its time for lists to help get myself ready.

I must admit that lists are one of the best things to get you moving, especially if you write down everything that you think you need to do; then go back and look over which items are most important/least important and ones you can delegate. You’d be surprised just how much stress can be reduced by making the list and being truthful and planning your time

So I’m off to make lists.


Kendie said...

Your grandmother would be so pleased! Are you putting the list on nice stationery or are you using scraps of cardboard?

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