Monday, June 14, 2010

Queens Birthday

To all the Queens, Princess and ladies in waiting Happy Queens Birthday. Ok so today is meant for one specific queen out there put who says we can’t all have a little sparkle and have a glass of bubbles in honor of her. Because in truth we are all Queens, Princess and ladies in waiting in our own kingdoms.

Being part of Wintersun has been a fantastic reminder that there are so many beautiful, lively, vivacious and spectacular women in this world. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, bosses, employee’s and everything in between. They are talented in so many ways from baking, sewing, make up artist, teachers, listeners and most of all friends. Sure we all compare ourselves to each other…she’s better/taller/prettier/smarter than me but remember she is doing the same about you. All I can say is be the best you can be and remember everyone has flaws and insecurities so support them in positive thinking.

Everyone is beautiful, royal and special in ways we can’t always see at first. They are the people who stand beside you in times of sadness and joy. The ones who forgive you your ‘moments’ and the ones who hold you up when you think you’ll fall. After the year I’ve had I’ve found out who truly are friends and more importantly family. So weather you’re a princess in a ball gown, or in a field covered in mud you are really a Queen in my eyes.

Pinup queens, beauty queens, Mothers looking after families, who ever you are go grab your tiara and strut your stuff ladies. Let’s make Queens Birthday – international princess day!


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