Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dolls do DIY

Ok so I’m moving in and doing a bit of DIY as well. So far I have built my bed, dresser, coffee table and TV table. Not to mention install the TV’s and get the house all spick and span. However I did have an incident with the water heater I won’t mention but it does make me think sometimes when you’ve tried and tried to make things work having a friend on hand to ‘fix’ it for you is very beneficial. Let’s just say after 2 days of fighting with it in the rain I was more than a little embarrassed to have my buddy fix it in 5 mins.

So what DIY am I planning you may ask. Now this big list is to be tackled over the next 2 years in the new house but in a perfect world I want to

Paint the whole house inside

Get new carpets

Fix the plaster cracks

Restain/wax all the woodwork

Fix the windows/screen doors

Re-do the garden

Rewire fuse box (not DIY)

Basically make the house a haven

But until that all happens I’ll settle for a hot shower, lights, a big cup of tea and a good book.


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