Friday, June 4, 2010

Show us a little bit more

If last night wasn’t enough my troops and I are heading out toThe Order of Melbourne

for a circus night. Not full of animals or even Brittany spears, nope nothing but stunning beauties for us.

If you like your burlesque mixed with a fusion of circus and vaudeville then this is the event for you! 'Sexy Circus Sideshow' is a delightful mix of quirky sideshow acts, aerial antics, hoola hoopers and comedy. It brings together some of Australia's talented and unique circus and burlesque inspired performers who are all outstanding in their own right. Performed at The Order of Melbourne, home too many a burlesque and circus show, you will find no one act the same on this auspicious occasion! Mixed with hilarity and amusement you will have the pleasure of being part of a wonderful display of burlesque, circus and comedy that makes up Sexy Circus Sideshow.


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