Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vintage Swimwear and being beach ready

Considering I’m waking up in 7 degrees with an expected top of 11 it does feel slightly mad to be thinking and doing prep for swimwear. As I’ve mentioned before I’m part of the Circa Vintage fashion parade and yes I’m more than a little excited/nervous/thrilled to be part of it. Normally this time of year I rug up in my favorite shawls, stockings and gloves but as we are heading up north to parade in some stunning pieces I figured I’d better think SUMMER!

Now I am normally very pale, some call it peaches and cream but at this time of the year I feel almost transparent. So what to do? I can’t do the spray tan thing as I usually end up a strange color and let’s face it why ruin perfect English rose complexion. But I have found a little bottle of joy, it’s a moisturizer that has a very faint fake tan it which means the more you apply the darker you get, and it builds up over time. And if worst comes to the worst a bit of “star legs” a great spray I found for dancers and photography might just help. However my big issue is the cold, so everybody start thinking warm thoughts.

Plus there is a little bit of vintage maintance that I need to do (apart from packing like a crazy woman) like nails, nail and ensuring I have everything I need. A big thanks to Kendiedoll for offering her heated rollers while I’m up there…..if only I could take Terry!

However after all this the main piece of advice I can offer is to think beautiful. Just like lingerie the right pair of swimmers can make you feel a million dollars so find pieces you love and feel comfortable in. You don’t have to wear a string bikini to be a show stopper, these ladies in the photos above are proof of that.

If your interested in some of the pieces we will be wearing jump onto youtube.com and have a look at some of the images filmed of Candace and Nicole for the ABC’s Collectors program


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