Monday, June 28, 2010

MOVIE WATCH - My Name is Tallulah

As you grow up there are always movies that you adore and often watch over and over again. One of these for me is the classic (as I see it) Bugsy Malone starring a very young Jodie Foster and Scott Biao. For those of you who don't know the movie/musical by Alan Parker here you go....

A gangster movie set in 1929 New York City where all the gangsters are played by children. The story tells of the rise of "Bugsy Malone" and the battle for power between "Fat Sam" and "Dandy Dan" in a flashy world of would-be hoodlums, showgirls, and dreamers.

Yes this movie holds a special place in my heart for so many reasons, the kids, the clothing, the dancing, the fact that the bullets in the movie are cream pies, pedal cars for the kids to drive and most of all the music. Its funny looking back as a (I use the term loosely lol) grown up how much movies like this have played in my life. Especially as the fashion is one of the strongest memories I have of the film, which does make me wonder why I adore the 50's and not the 20's??? Oh well I guess I'll find that movie one day.

One of the most stunning characters in my eyes was Jodie Fosters character Tallulah, the lead show girl and Fat Sam's 'squeeze'. She had it all a voice, the clothing and those eyes that could tempt you to do anything. I still remember her song "my name is Tallulah" with very fond memories and was super excited when I found it on youtube. Sometimes the internet can be a wonderful thing!

So grab a friend or your kids and rent it out, it's well worth the watching.


Kendie said...

You must watch "bugsy malone -after they were famous' its great

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