Thursday, June 10, 2010

back at the airport

Surprise, surprise I’m back at the airport….ok so not really a surprise but this time its not the crack of dawn or the middle of the night which is a big thing for me as that’s when I’m usually here.

As always I have my routine pretty much sorted these days. Checked in yesterday, bags finally packed and locked down, parked at my favorite parking spot and ordered my coffee. Plus have a few good pieces of reading material in hand to make the flight faster. So all that’s left to do is relax at the airport lounge and get ready for a week of fun and fashion.

I do love flying Virginblue if for no other reason than seeing which cute pinup is on my plane, so here are a couple of the girls I managed to snap before jumping on board.

In 3 hours I’ll be all checked in the hotel and ready to have fun. Watch out GC Tikidoll is coming!!!


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