Saturday, June 5, 2010

House of Boxes

Ok, so I’ve been away from the laptop for a few days….nope not for a wild weekend of glamorous parties, but instead moving house.

So just a quick post to say I’m 90% moved in, no net access but do have a kettle so the much needed cup of tea can be made.

A big thank you to all who helped

Kendiedoll & Modman for the support, advice and beautiful flowers

Watts for fixing the hot water and helping move

Michael, Kevin, George and Mark from my moving team, you guys were wonderful and so quick

The HRV boys for helping with my ‘make it work’ issues

All the dolls for their love and support this weekend – there will soon be cupcakes with your names on it

Jedi for listening to me have a couple of ‘now what’ moments

Mikii for sending coffee to help me through the move

All the delivery guys for being on time and bring the right stuff


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