Sunday, June 20, 2010

A bit more on the amazing women

From the minute I left Melbourne I just knew I was going to be surrounded by amazing ladies who sense of fashion and style was more than most. This was clear as I met this lovely lady (above) on the flight up to the Gold Coast.

And once at Wintersun it didn't take long for all of us like minded women to gravitate towards each other and start happy snapping each others outfits. What was also really nice was the large amount of people who asked for a photo of me with the cars. It just goes to show when you are in your element the amount of people who really like that extra effort you went to is extremely high.

It really makes me smile to see so many ladies out there embracing the retro/vintage/50's what ever you'd like to call it style. And my oh my can some of them really cut a rug on the dance floor. Think its time to book in for some Lindy Hop lessons

Garry&Sandy Hambly Kirsty Pursch

So Ladies if you see yourself here please email me and I can send you copies


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