Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lost/found and all in the details

On a recent trip to Chapel and Victoria Streets Mikii and I decided to quench our thirst and came across these fantastic places. The first being located half way up chapel street called Temperance Hotel and what caught my eye was the stunning details. Especially the use of silhouettes as detail and the re-use of shopping baskets as a lighting display.

Then we found this super cool place on Victoria Street, sadly I can't remember the name where some of the seats were actually from some old airplanes which were complete with working foot rests and tray tables. So of course we had to try them out.
Mikii in business class

It really is amazing what you can find when your not looking, so keep those eyes peeled. This as also given me lots of ideas for the redecorating of my new place (since right now I'm surrounded by plaster and paint and wondering what the final results are going to be). So many ideas, so much to do.....where do I start.


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