Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kitty Cat Black

While on my travels I managed to pick up some great pieces from both local and oversees artists. So needless to say I was super happy to see some designs of a great local gal Sharon Walker of Kitty Cat Black

I first discovered Sharon's work many years ago through a gal known as Cassi (the designer behind Silk Orchid Coresty) and of course fell in love with her designs pretty soon after that. So when walking the stalls at Wintersun I was VERY pleased to see so many places selling her work, and of course being a supported had to jump in and buy a few pieces.

So who is Sharon, well...after majoring in Gold & Silversmithing at Queensland College of Art here in Australia, she started experimenting with polymer bead sculpting. Thus she began creating her own jewellery because no one was selling the kind of jewellery she wanted to wear.

What is also super cool is that Sharon has created a choker range for 12" fashion dolls called Kittycat Black Minis.

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