Friday, June 11, 2010

Wintersun here I come

I’m finally here, well yes I did arrive yesterday but who cares I’m here. Today is a catch up with Kendiedoll for pedicures and LOTS of tea and cake. Maybe a bit of shopping????? Possibly a trip to see SJ at That Shop and the gals at Kitten DÁmour, some one better take my wallet off me for good measure. Then tonight I’ll be catching up with Mikii who flew into town this weekend and hopefully PlatinumDoll for drinks.

The hotel is super cool and loving the fact I’m surrounded by so many people who are also here for Wintersun. Which means its rockabilly fashion everywhere, I think I must be in heaven. Must dash those cakes won’t eat them selves.

Have a look at these great articles about wintersun if you want t see what we are all up to.


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